3/0 Resorba Glycolon Suture

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3/0 13mm Resorba Glycolon Suture, Monofil, Undyed, Reverse Prime Cutting, pack of 24. Ref: PB41415
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Fast and Flexible

Knotting Ability and Flexibility of Vicryl

A monofilament suture for smooth passage through the tissues and reduced potential for undesirable wicking.

The suture has a very smooth surface, which allows long suture techniques with minimal tissue traumatisation and excellent passage through the tissue. Unusually safe and reliable knot security, combined with a high tensile strength, surprises in many ways to give confidence. The monofilament suture structure reduces capillary action to a minimum.

GLYCOLON is a polymer made of polyglycolic acid and caprolactone. Metabolised to CO2 and H2O by the absorption of water in the tissue, absorption time (50% loss of tensile strength) is approximately 7-9 days, ideal for dentistry.

The uptake of water from the body results in the tissue friendly degradation of the suture material by polymer hydrolysis.

  • Short absorption time
  • Highly flexible with outstanding knotting properties
  • Controlled knot run-down with reliable knot security
  • Monofilament suture structure: no capillarity, no sawing action
  • Very good passage through tissue without additional traumatisation
  • Optimum tissue compatibility
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