Acteon PURE Newtron P5 XS B.LED Scaler Unit.

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Comes with Newtron Slim B.LED handpiece and  No1, H1 and H3 tips.*


Preserve Teeth With Superb Ultrasonic Vibrations and Steel Tip Quality

Hardness of steel; close to enamel. Automatic power regulation and perfectly controlled vibrations with the NEWTRON® technology. Increased tactile sense for the practitioner


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Product Benefits

Carry Out Gentle and Effective Treatment

NEWTRON® technology, a guarantee of efficacy and safety.

The perfectly-controlled vibrations and high-quality tips bring to treatments more preservation, efficacy and comfort.


Meet All Clinical Needs

An optimised external irrigation system with graduated tanks allowing to use any type of irrigant and to fill in during procedures.


See Better, Treat Faster

Treatments guided in real time with B.LED technology which simultaneously reveals and removes dental plaque.


Main Characteristics

Teeth and Tissues Are Preserved

Perfectly controlled vibrations for precise and gentle treatments.

Specific steel quality for anatomy and enamel preservation.

Total irrigation control until tip's extremity being safer for tissues.


Efficacy Is Maximal

The automatic and continuous frequency adjustment guarantees maximal and continuous efficiency, whatever force is applied.

Power is regulated in real-time, depending upon the resistance encountered by the tip to ensure consistent performance without the need for any force.

Powerful cavitation at tip's extremity induces deposit fragmentation and disinfecting effect.


Comfort Is Optimal

Linear and regular vibrations for painless treatments.

Non-heating handpiece, for improved comfort for the user.

Better tactile sense offering more precise treatment.


See Better, Treat Better

F.L.A.G.™ for B.LED dental plaque revealer associated with the NEWTRON® Slim B.LED handpiece blue light, simultaneously reveal and remove dental plaque.

Treatments become more effective (20% more plaque removed(1)), without extra time


Design Responds To Ergonomics and Hygiene

Sleek design and soothing lights around the dial corresponding to the Color Coding System™.

Thin and balanced handpiece.

Flat glass surface and detachable dial for quick and safe cleaning.

Customisation and autoclavable silicone handpiece holders.


Exclusive Tips

NEWTRON® offers tips with exclusive alloys and coatings that respect the different surfaces treated : enamel, crown, implant.

Over 80 different tips answering all clinical needs: prophylaxis, periodontics, implant care, endodontics, surgical endodontics, conservative and restorative dentistry.


(1) T.Marrien, Clinical evaluation of assisted supragingival scaling by plaque disclosing agent F.L.A.G.™ for B.LED, Thesis 2015.

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