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We are more than happy to discuss our alternative product, ethoss, with anyone who is looking to replace VITAL

The Next Generation of Biomaterials

  • • No need for an additional membrane
  • • Simple application
  • • Moldable, sculptable paste
  • • Totally synthetic
  • • Fully resorbed - replaced by bone
  • • Accelerated bone formation
The first synthetic graft material capable of directing cell activity to produce rapid bone formation. This material sets hard forming a cell-occlusive membrane to prevent soft tissue in-growth.
Needing no additional barrier membrane makes Vital not only cost effective but time effective too.
Safe, simple and more effective, Fortoss Vital resorbs completely to be replaced by bone. A unique technology, ZPC (Zeta Potential Control) initiated bone activity, with key proteins harnesses at the surface directing bone cell adhesion and proliferation for rapid osteogenesis and healing.
Composed of a synthetic beta tri-calcium phosphate in a calcium sulphate matrix, it exhibits a dynamic porosity and optimal resorption (3-5 months).

Sinus Grafting • Periodontal Defects • Extraction Socket Maintenance • Implant Bone Defect


"I am a consultant Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon and place dental implants regularly in patients in private dental practices in the North East of England. I am now using Vital for augmentation of bony defects at the time of implant placement. I find it easy to handle, and convienient to use compared with particulate products which require covering with membranes to stop the graft migrating. I also use Vital for sinus lift purposes and again because of its excellent handling properties and putty like consistency when being placed, it is much easier to handle within the confines of a lateral approach to the maxillary antrum. It is also economical as the additional expense of a membrane to cover the graft is not required. I give this product 5 out of 5."



Fortoss® VITAL is the first resorbable synthetic graft material capable of directing cell activity to produce rapid bone formation.

A material’s surface properties are pivotal in initiating biological activity. Recent research1 has highlighted the significance of relative zeta potentials of bone and different biomaterials and their influence on protein adsorption. This work has demonstrated that the adsorption of specific extracellular matrix proteins onto biomaterial surfaces provides sites for integrin mediated osteoblast attachment.

Fortoss VITAL has been engineered with an optimum surface chemistry which harnesses proteins key to bone formation. The surface chemistry is achieved through a proprietary process and controlled using Zeta potential measurements (ZPC®)2. This charge has a significant effect on the in-vivo response, biological activity and bone formation3 and has been found to be “favourable to bone regeneration and osseointegration of dental implants”4.

Fortoss VITAL consists of a unique bi-phasic composition of calcium sulphate and beta tri-calcium phospate (ß-TCP).

Fortoss VITAL is applied as a mouldable setting putty which can be contoured to the defect site. The “macroporous ß-TCP acts as a lattice for ingrowth of woven bone, while the early resorption of calcium sulphate phase creates an interconnecting pore structure”5.

Fortoss VITAL “possesses osteogenic activity and can support new bone formation”6. The use of Fortoss VITAL “produces significantly more vital new bone and preserved bone dimensions compared with the use of ß-TCP alone”7.

Dynamic SmartPores

When Fortoss VITAL is applied, the calcium sulphate phase provides an integrated barrier function which allows ingress of fluids and micro vessels yet restricts entry of soft tissues. A dynamic SmartPore system allows the integrated barrier to resorb in synergy with the healing pathway. The developing macroporosity increasing the space up to 70% allowing the ingress of cells and nutrients. The exposed ß-TCP component supports the re-precipitation of calcium ions onto its surface and acts as a matrix for bone forming cells.

Calcium sulphate resorbs first through a process of creeping substitution in 8 to 12 weeks. ß-TCP resorbs fully at 6 to 9 months. Loading of an implant fixture within the site accelerates the remodelling process further8.

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