Washer Disinfector Dryer

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  • W&H ThermoKlenz Washer Disinfector Dryer

    The First Choice Thermo Washer Disinfector Dryer

    Having a validated reproducible cleaning process within your decontamination cycle protects both you and your patients.

    ThermoKlenz automatically regulates water temperature and detergent quantity, so you can be sure that you are getting a consistent cleaning result every time.

    Handpiece connectors enable the effective cleaning and drying of your valuable tools. It is important that handpiece lumens are fully dry inside prior to steam sterilization, as otherwise steam would not be able to contact all of the internal surfaces and sterility could not be guaranteed.


    W&H ThermoKlenz Smalls Basket


    Minimises risk of sharps injuries

    Basket for small items minimises the risk.


    W&H ThermoKlenz Touch Control





    Cost effective and simple to use

    Clearly labelled buttons and a self-dosing detergent dispenser.



    W&H ThermoKlenz






    Compact exterior with spacious interior



    W&H ThermoKlenz Dry Handpieces





    Forced hot air drying of handpieces and instruments

    Removes the risk of residual moisture on internal and external surfaces.


    Validated reproducible cleaning

    KlenzSecure data logger as standard, so you can keep electronic records of your cleaning cycles.

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