Devemed Micro Surgery Kit


Our best-selling micro-instruments in one kit. Each precision instrument is carefully crafted for use in oral microsurgery, facilitating fine work and helping you to achieve the desired outcome for your patients.

The Devemed Micro Surgery Kit Contains:

  • 1145-40 F Micro Scalpel Handle
  • 2302-56 F Toothed Tissue Forceps, 0.6mm, 17.5cm, Straight
  • 2302-66 F Atraumatic Micro Tweezers, 0.6mm, 17.5cm, Straight
  • 888-B2F Micro Buser Periosteal Elevator
  • 1086-20F Barraquer Needle Holder, 18cm
  • 1170-65 F Gomel Scissors, 16cm, Curved
  • 9200-80 Instrument Tray
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Drawing on over 100 years of experience manufacturing high quality, precision dental instruments, Devemed combines its unique design with unrivalled comfort and functionality.

True attention to detail and durable build quality really sets Devemed instruments apart from others on the market, making them an essential choice for any dental practice.

Functional qualities such as anti-slip, reduction of light reflection, and prevention of sediment build-up are what make Devemed instruments stand out from the rest.

Devemed’s Super-light F-line range has a special grip for perfect comfort and protection against accumulation of deposits. The hollow handles reduce the weight of the instrument, reducing user strain, whilst the sand-blasted surface reduces light reflections.

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