Laschal Duck Billed Scissors, Curved, 14.75cm

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14.75cm Scissors with 1.25cm curved blades

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Duck-billed scissors provide an improved method of locating and cutting a buried suture without traumatising swollen, sensitive tissue. Rounded tips probe to locate the suture buried in edematous or hypertrophic tissue without pain.

Once located, the scissors may be advanced and opened to ensure the suture is between the blades. Because the scissors always cut to the tip, the suture is cut from above, without having to place the scissors beneath the suture, which could cause tension and pain to sensitive tissue.

Dr Robert Thompson
100% of 100
Cuts without tugging As a dental surgeon having done MOS for many years, the purchase of these Laschal suture scissors was a great asset to the surgical tray. They are comfortable and safe to use, have a rounded front end which miraculously cuts without tugging the suture. They sterilise beautifully and we don't have an issue with the sharpness fading. I'm happy to add two more sets to our armoury! Robert Thompson - R&PM Thompson Dental, Brechin.
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