Neo-Biotech R-Brush Titanium Implant Cleaner


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The easy tool for peri-implantitis treatment.

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R-Brush, a disposable ∅ 6.6mm implant round brush, is the most absolute solution for peri-implantitis.


R-Brush features:

  • For fully exposed implant threads.
  • Precise cleaning for peri-implantitis treatment.
  • Remove infected implant surface to reduce bone loss.
  • Form new rough surface for re-osseointegration.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Titanium alloy bristles.

Composed of titanium alloy bristles which rotate around a fixture to remove inflammation and clean the infected implant surface, the R-Brush offers an advanced method of cleaning the infected implant surface. Working at 2000-5000 RPM with a 1:1 contra-angle, it takes just 1-2 minutes to clean the contaminated implant surface, leaving an ideal surface for soft tissue attachment.


Before and After R-Brush:

Before and after R-Brush

Before R-Brush

After R-Brush

How to use the R-Brush


Please see the videos tab for How To Use, Clinical Cases and Animations.

∅ 5.6mm available to purchase by special order only. Please enquire on 01535 656312.


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