The CLiP is here!

Scorpion CLiP



We are really excited that the new CLiP from Scorpion has arrived with us in the Swallow Offices!

We know you have been wanting a solution to implant cleaning using your ultrasonic cleaner, and Stephane at Scorpion has worked his magic again to produce the CLiP, a tip that will fit over the special Scorpion Insert-i to ensure they will not scratch your patients implants. 

The really beauty of these CLiPs is that you can use the Scorpion Insert-i to scale teeth, then add the CLiP for implants. 






The CLiP starter kit is ideal to get you going, containing:Scorpion CLiP Starter set

5 x CLiPs.

1 x Insert-i tip for use with the CLiP.

1 x Dynamometric Key.

1 x CLiPPER CLiP holder.


Get your CLiP starter kit today at our special introductory price of just £66.00 +VAT.

The peek tip is made of high quality medical polymer that allows for smooth cleaning of implants and restorations. The CLiP does not damage sensitive surfaces and is fully sterilisable and reusable. The CLiP is easily attached and removed thanks to the CLiPPER, and is exclusively for use on the Scorpion Insert-i.