Improving Soft Tissue with Peter Fairbairn



Review from 20/6/16

Lecturer, speaker and educator, Dr Peter Fairbairn came up from London to talk to a group of 15 surgeons at the Hale Dental & Implant Clinic. His aim was to convince them that in order to get the best long term results you need to have the best hard tissue, and in order to get the best hard tissue, in his experience, you use ethoss®. Peter has been refining his protocol for many years to the extent that his success rate, even in grafted sites, is over 99%.

Here are some of Peter’s observations:

The aim is to encourage true host bone regeneration.

  • The body does the majority of the work and he, as a surgeon, just helps it by providing the right materials and environment. The body wants to heal, let’s work with it.
  • Simply using Hydroxyapatite (synthetic or xenograft) is not enough anymore. It simply does not encourage the correct situation in the bone: it does not absorb and the amount of new host bone to give implant support is low.
  • In order to provide the correct environment for true Guided Bone Regeneration you need biocompatible graft materials that provide the correct structure to provide volume stability as well as an absorption profile that matches host bone growth. These materials should be fully absorbed and stimulate true host bone growth.
  • In some cases you can go and check sites grafted with hydroxyapatite years later and still there will be bits of material instead of the host’s own bone.
  • Peter doesn’t use autogenous bone from the osteotomy site when grafting. To him it isn’t needed because to him it is dead bone. Dead bone will only resorb back in to the body and won’t give you the fantastic aesthetic results you want.

Less Surgery, Less Trauma, Happier patient.

  • In the modern dental market, where synthetic grafts are becoming more and more prevalent, you cannot rest upon your laurels and simply use what was taught 10-20 years ago. For instance it is now thought that collagen membranes can inhibit regeneration because they just aren’t biologically efficient.
  • Some modern graft materials don’t need additional collagen membranes because they not only remain stable in the mouth and provide a built-in barrier function. Ethoss also shows great biocompatibility with the soft tissue. This biocompatibility leads to better integration with soft tissue and increases the blood flow from the periosteum through the site.
  • Another tip given was that there is no need to over pack the site as the site will only take longer to heal and you won’t end up with more bone. Also, the pressure put on the soft tissue over the graft by soft tissues may just make the body resorb excess material. And no one want’s to waste their graft material.

A paradigm shift in bone regeneration.

With ethoss® we think that we are at the forefront of the bone regeneration market. When you get results like Peter has shown you can get. When you have little or no residual graft material left after 12 weeks. When the newly regenerated tissue surrounding the implant is true host bone. The results really speak for themselves.

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