The Next Generation of Biomaterials Part 3

The Next Generation of Biomaterials

• No need for an additional membrane

• Simple application

• Moldable, sculptable paste

• Totally synthetic

• Fully resorbed - replaced by bone

• Accelerated bone formation

The first synthetic graft material capable of directing cell activity to produce rapid bone formation. This material sets hard forming a cell-occlusive membrane to prevent soft tissue in-growth.

Needing no additional barrier membrane makes Vital not only cost effective but time effective too. Safe, simple and more effective, Fortoss Vital resorbs completely to be replaced by bone.

A unique technology, ZPC (Zeta Potential Control) initiated bone activity, with key proteins harnesses at the surface directing bone cell adhesion and proliferation for rapid osteogenesis and healing. Composed of a synthetic beta tri-calcium phosphate in a calcium sulphate matrix, it exhibits a dynamic porosity and optimal resorption (3-5 months).


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