Sit Up and....Scale

Sit up and scale


Course Overview.

This one day course has been designed to focus on the dental clinician. We are all aware of the 

possible detrimental or occupational health hazards that can be the result of the way in which we 

work. For those of us that have been in practice for a few years, we will be acutely aware that our 

posture is not always ideal, our fingers, hands and wrists, may feel sore or stiff and that pain in our 

neck, shoulders or back really is now quite annoying or worrisome.

Topics that will  be covered are:

-  How to position the patient correctly so that you can adopt a good working posture

-  Instrument selection and technique to increase effectiveness and reducing fatigue

-  The opportunity to experience the benefit of using loupes to enhance your posture and reduce fatigue

-  Gain confidence in instrument sharpening, to prolong the life of your hand scalers, increase effectiveness and

   reduce physical fatigue

-  Recognise good posture, identify poor postural problems and their effects on your working life

-  Learn some strategies to correct some of the most common postural problems

-  Opportunity for questions and discussion arising from the course content

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