PDT Deepak Simkhada Instrument Set


Full kit of hygiene scalers and probes recommended by Deepak Simkhada and used in his perio courses and masterclasses.

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A PDT Deepak Simkhada Instrument Set consists of one of each:

All instruments can also be sold separately. Aloha Colour Code Rings not included.

Highly Recommended

"PDT instruments are the ones I recommend on my Advanced Masterclass and Hand Instrumentation courses.

"Thanks to the resin handle, PDT instruments are light and easy to hold, and the ergonomic design allows me to reduce the grip force needed on the handle.

"The colourful handles make selecting instruments while working much easier as they are anatomically colour coded – you know which is a posterior or mesial Gracey without having to study the tip!

"The sharp edges on PDT instruments are retained for a long time and can be sharpened when needed. Because the steel is of good quality, it can be sharpened many times without risking fracturing the tip.

"The blades on the Mini & Micro Mini Graceys are flexible enough to reach narrow deep pockets, yet strong enough to allow enough pressure for debridement." Deepak Simkada, DHT

100% of 100
This is a MUST HAVE SET!! I attended Deepaks hands on course and he went through the use of every one of these and it finally made so much sense ! Highly advise
100% of 100
A great service Been happy from start to finish with my order; the instruments are brilliant, arrived safely, well packaged and also I was kept fully in the loop about the lead time and delivery time. Thanks for a great service!
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