PDT H5-O'Hehir 2, Anterior Sickle/Curette, Ref: R160

Anterior Scoop Curette.
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A combination of an H5 Sickle scaler and a OH 2extended reach which is great for universal anterior scaling as well as lingual stain removal and SCRP. O'Hehir new Millennium™ Curettes have unique scoop blades with 270° radiused cutting edges. It's like having the toe of a curette without the interference of the remaining unused portion of a traditional blade. Can be used with either a push or pull motion, in vertical, horizontal or diagonal directions. Get the scoop! Anatomically color-coded.

PDT's Thinner, sharper and harder blades last longer due to our unique process of heat treat and cryogenics that produces a uniform molecular grain structure in the steel. This also translates to more durability and a reduction in sharpening time required.

The ergonomically designed handle is solid resin. Weighing in at only 13 grams it makes PDT instruments some of the lightest on the market, and the comfortable large diameter handle has extended knurling for superior control and greater manoeuverability that allows for the ultimate tactile sensitivity.

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