PDT Queen Of Hearts Curette

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Adaptive through the anatomy. Periodontal curette with a long, fine cutting edge for finishing with a completely smooth surface when root planing.

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Queen of Hearts is a universal, periodontal finishing curette with longer closed-face cutting edges capable of reaching furcations and difficult-to-reach root concavities. 

Research suggests that people with periodontal disease are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. This ‘Oral-Systemic Connection’ is now better understood. Hygienists are the first line of defence against these diseases. The Queen of Hearts™ periodontal curette has long fine cutting edges for finishing with a completely smooth surface when root planing, bringing your patient one step closer to better overall health.

For every Queen of Hearts™ purchased, PDT will help in promoting better health overall by making a donation to the American Heart Association.

“This is the sharpest curette I have ever used. The tip is outstanding for removal of granulation tissue and calculus in molar furcations.” - Dr. Robert Horowitz, Periodontist NYU College, USA

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Carly Longbottom
100% of 100
I love the Queen of Hearts I simply love all the instruments especially my Montana jack (obviously) my Langers and the set of Graceys. But also in the correct area I love the queen of hearts! Carly Longbottom RDH
Greta Compton
100% of 100
Must have for all hygiene kits The "queen of hearts " is a must for all hygiene kits. This sleek elegantly crafted hand instrument with its uniquely shaped universal tip is a joy to use, making light work of even the most tenacious sub gingival deposits. This is one of the finest quality hand instruments I have ever used and I would give it a 5 star rating. Greta Compton EDH
Sarah Cooke
100% of 100
Took a couple of sessions to get used to. I purchased a queen of hearts perio curette from Swallow because it was different and I hadn't seen it before ,it took a couple of sessions to get use to the different angle and the curvature of the blade, but now I wouldn't be parted from it and like the Montana Jack Swallow instruments are very comfortable to work with and are worth investing in. The company as a whole take pride in what they sell you and help you to make the right choice they will listen to your comments and criticisms. I haven't been disappointed with the high standard of service I have received from The Swallow team over the years or with their instruments, and would happily recommend them to my colleagues . Star rating 5 for both instruments. Sarah Cooke RDH
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