PDT Ultimate Edge Transformation Sharpening Kit. Ref: T067

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Recommended if your instruments are out of shape or have been sharpened by eye, this kit will not only hone your blades as good or BETTER than new, but it also includes a more aggressive stone to reshape and repair older, misshapen instruments.

Can be sterilised and kept chairside

No oil or water needed

Sharpen any make of Gracey, Sickle and Universal Scalers

No need to send your instruments away

Save time and money

Anyone can use it, it's that simple - see for yourself

The Gleason Guide

The Guide

The Fastest, Easiest and Most Accurate Way To Sharpen Your Instruments.

1. Place instrument in STOP position

Instrument Sharpening

Instrument Sharpening

2. Bring terminal shank to REST position

Instrument Sharpening

3. GLIDE blade side to side to sharpen

It's that simple!

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