Scorpion Club Ultrasonic Tip (Magnetostrictive)


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Why would 81% of German Dental Professionals surveyed* recommend Scorpion Tips?


New Scorpion Ultrasonic Scaling tips remove plaque and calculus at lower power settings than your current tip, making it quieter and more comfortable for you and your patients. The ultrafine tips reach inter-proximally without difficulty, and the vibration amplitude is maintained throughout the life of the tip. The clear wear indicator shows when it’s time to replace ensuring you always get outstanding performance, and Scorpion Magnetostrictive tips, with their patented design, keep optimal vibration even as it wears in use.

Manufactured in France, the Scorpion Ultrasonic scaling tips are of the finest quality.


Built In Wear Indicator

No Need for Measuring

Scorpion Scaler Tips Built in Wear Indicator


Power Down

Very Powerful

Very Thin

Scorpion Tips - Very Thin

*, 08-2012

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For efficient scaling, preserving the tooth and reduced pain, it is recommended to use an insert with efficient vibration.

Classic tips quickly lose their efficiency. The Scorpion Club tip, with its patented design, keeps an optimal vibration even as it wears in use.

"This ultrasonic tip is fantastic. It works really well on the lowest setting which means it's so much more comfortable for the patient. It works best if very light gentle strokes are applied to calculus and staining, no pressure is needed at all and this way the deposit just crumbles. The ultra thin tip makes it very versatile reaching further into the interproximalspace than conventional tips. The most astonishing thing about it though is how quiet it is. My patients comment more on the gentlenessand quietness of this tip and how different it feels."  Jo Dickinson, RDH.

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