SilverPlug - Reduce the Risk of Peri-Implantitis

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What is SilverPlug?

SilverPlug® is the only recognised medical device for preventing bacterial build up in the abutment screw access chamber – eliminating the large potential reservoir that can harbour the most pathogenic bacteria for surrounding soft tissues.  

80% of "healthy" implants exhibit some signs of mucositis. Silverplug offers a simple, effective, long term, low cost solution for helping to control bacteria levels around implants, reducing the associated risks.

SilverPlug® is a silver based polymer which has a high antibacterial effect that maintains its efficacy for the life of the patient. Easily placed and retrieved if needed, it can also be replaced and re-used following the replacement of the prosthesis. 


SilverPlug Benefits:

  • Helps reduce the risk of peri-implantitis
  • Easy to place and retrieve
  • Easy to compress for perfect filling of the screw access chamber
  • Antibacterial effect without releasing chemicals
  • Remains active for the life of the patient
  • The only recognised medical device for this application



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Why is SilverPlug® needed?

Following prosthetic rehabilitation of dental implants, the abutment screw access chamber remains unsealed or plugged up with several types of material (e.g. cotton pellets, gutta percha, Teflon or wax). These techniques do not permit the antibacterial sealing, resulting in a bacterial growth and foul odour in the internal parts of the implants (Rimondini et al. 2001, Park et al. 2012, Gross et al. 1999, Al-Omari et al. 2010).

Quirynen and van Steenberghe (1993) observed the presence of a significant quantity of microorganism in the apical part of the abutment screw and claimed the microbial leakage at the abutment fixture interface as the most probable origin of a bacterial contamination.

In a further study Quirynen et al. (1994) proved the existence of bacterial leakage along the components of the Brånemark implant system, both at A-I interface and from the access hole of the abutment. Hermannet al. (2001) and Broggini et al. (2003) suggested that bacterial leakage at the level of alveolar bone was one of the most important causes of chronic inflammation and marginal bone resorption around two-piece implants.

How does the silver zeolite work?

Silver is widely used as an antiseptic agent in medical topical gels and dressing to reduce the bioburden and improve the healing of wound infection (Wilkinson et al. 2011). A recent preliminary study reported the potential effect of a silver-based gum (SilverPlug®) on reducing the total bacterial amount and the percentage of anaerobic bacteria in the inner space of the fixture (Rasperini et al. 2012).

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