W&H MS 22 Non Vacuum Steriliser*

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MS 22 - The Exceptional Non-Vaccum Steriliser With Built-In Data Logger.

The new MS provides dentists with a high-quality yet affordable steriliser, which prioritises reliable consistent decontamination and cost-effective running, as well as speed and flexibility. The MS' 22-litre load capacity is up to double that of a standard non-vacuum steriliser. The MS has been developed in line with both European and US Standards and conforms to all current National guidelines.


W&H MS 22 Tray


Large Capacity

With its 22-litre chamber and room for up to five large trays, the MS offers greater load capacity for practices with a high volume of work. Supplied with 3 trays as standard.



W&H MS 22 Start



Flexible and Time-Saving

The MS has cycles for both packaged and unpackaged products, with an automatic drying process.



W&H MS 22 Filter



High Decontamination Standards

Guaranteed by the closed-door drying process with anti-bacterial filters and the use of clean water in each.



W&H MS 22 Timer



Optimized Workflow

The MS offers a choice of cycles to suit all daily practice requirements. Cycles can be programmed to start at a set time to improve the efficiency of your workflow.



W&H MS 22



Safety First

The MS complies to European, US and current National guidelines.


*Cost does not include installation, validation or delivery. Additional delivery charges apply which are not added at checkout stage. Please call for more information.

Economical and reliable.

The MS autoclave offers type non vacuum sterilization of unwrapped and solid loads. It's simple keypad ensure the sterilization options can be navigated easily, and it can be upgraded to meet the demands of an evolving dental practice through the integration of add-ons, e.g. for transferring data onto USB stick or via a label printer.

The main features at a glance:

  • Spacious 22 litre chamber
  • Low maximum power consumption
  • Simple user interface
  • Extended drying with Dry-pluS
  • Long service intervals
  • Flexible to meet needs of an evolving practice
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