W&H Piezomed Bone Set

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Contains: B1, B2R, B2L, B3, B4, B5

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Cooling right where it is needed.

The supply of coolant through the instrument to near the operating point guarantees optimal cooling of the instrument and of the hard tissue to be processed.

Kit Contains: B1, B2R, B2L, B3, B4, B5.

B1 (REF 05530100)

Fine-toothed saw for fine cuts, with little bone loss when harvesting bone blocks.

W&H Piezomed B1W&H Piezomed Tooth illustration








B2R, B2L (REF 06958600, 05544400)

Fine-toothed instrument for horizontal cuts, with little bone loss, in hard-to-reach areas. Right-curved and left-curved models available.

W&H Piezomed B2W&H Piezomed Tooth illustration








B3 (REF 05542100)

Sharp instrument for modelling and contouring the bone surface, as well as for collecting bone chips.

W&H Piezomed B3W&H Piezomed Tooth illustration







B4 (REF 05543800)

Sharp chisel for splitting the alveolar ridge.

W&H Piezomed B4W&H Piezomed Tooth illustration







B5 (REF 05534500)

Sharp scraper for collecting bone chips and detaching bone flaps.

W&H Piezomed B5W&H Piezomed Tooth illustration







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