WEBINAR | Incorporating Blue®M into your Treatment Plan


Incorporating Bluem® into your Treatment Plan

Help Fight Peri-implantitis and Periodontal Disease

Presented by Julie Rosse (CEB Dip Dental Hygiene 1995, RDH), Pat Popat (FdSc BSc Hons, PTLLS, RDH, RDT), Amit Patel (BDS MSc MClinDent FDS RCSEd MRD RCSEng Specialist in Periodontics, Implant Dentist).

Join Julie, Pat, and Amit as they discuss how the introduction of Bluem® into their treatment plans has benefited their patients and improved outcomes.

Sharing their own experiences and case studies, they will look at the benefits of Bluem®’s oxygen releasing formula, for improved surgical healing post implant placement, and for supporting treatment of peri-implantitis and periodontal disease. The presenters will also discuss managing patient acceptance and engagement and the different product protocols to help you successfully introduce Bluem® to their daily homecare routines.

This webinar is ideal for those practitioners who would like to incorporate Bluem® into their practice treatments or to simply find out more of the benefits of oxygen-based products in practice.

The webinar will end with an open question and answer session.

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Aims and Learning Outcomes

Incorporating BlueM® into your Treatment Plan to Help Fight Peri-Implantitis and Periodontal Disease


To provide a brief history of the use of oxygen in medicine and dentistry, and its ongoing relevance in the present day.

  • To provide an overview of the origin of Bluem® and then provide a brief introduction to the Bluem® family of products and a summary of the key benefits of oxygen in oral care and wound healing.
  • A look at the synergistic ingredients used and their role in facilitating the host response, and their benefits with reference to any clinical papers to support these claims.
  • To demonstrate – using case presentations, how to maximise healing using Bluem® to maintain periodontal and implant health during these challenging times.


Learning Outcomes:

To educate and inspire participants to try new products that are proven to work using naturally sourced ingredients.

  • Give participants the opportunity to discuss and question the effects of such products on the teeth and surrounding tissues.
  • To encourage participants to take part in discussions to seek out best treatment outcomes for our patients, and be given the opportunity to try these products for themselves.
  • To be able to follow the TOOTh Guidelines for periodontal and peri-implant treatments and also the surgical guidelines for pre and post-surgery, and post-op implant care for patients.
  • To be able to compare and contrast the benefits of this range of products with that of Chlorhexidine-based products and establish BlueM® as a suitable alternative.


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