PDT Earthcare

What is PDT Earthcare?

Here at Swallow Dental, we care passionately about the environment. That’s why we are proud to be part of PDT EarthCare, a programme designed to recycle and reuse old hand instruments, swapping them for shiny, new equipment.

For every 12 dental hand instruments you send, you will receive one stainless steel PDT hand instrument of your choice absolutely free.

It’s our way of helping to protect the planet.

Ready to Trade?

If you have old dental hand instruments that you'd like to trade-in, find out more. 

PDT EarthCare

How Does PDT Earthcare Work?

PDT EarthCare aims to reuse and recycle all returned hand instruments.

All returned items are carefully inspected by PDT craftspeople. Any instruments that can be reconditioned are donated to dental charity Dentaid who send them to non-profit organisations and missions worldwide. 

Hand instruments that cannot safely be reconditioned are recycled to reduce waste.

How Do I Return My Old Hand Instruments?

Returning your old hand instruments is simple and can be completed in five easy steps.

    Download our PDT EarthCare form

    Clean and Sterilise

    Safely return your hand instruments

    Post your items

    Receive your new PDT instruments

    Choosing Your New PDT Instrument/s

    One of the great things about PDT Earthcare is that it allows you to swap old for new.

    Every time you trade 12 old hand instruments, you will receive one free stainless steel PDT hand instrument.

    Choose from our best-selling PDT instruments, including the Montana Jack and Queen of Hearts.

    Not sure which PDT hand instrument to choose? Browse our latest range.

    Download Your PDT EarthCare Today

    Ready to begin your PDT EarthCare journey? Download your EarthCare form here.

    PDT EarthCare form

    Helping Good Causes

    Who are Dentaid?

    PDT EarthCare works in partnership with Dentaid.

    Working in over 70 countries worldwide, Dentaid is a registered charity that provides safe and sustainable dental treatment in poor and remote communities.

    Dentaid support dentists around the world by providing equipment, running oral health programmes and sending teams of volunteer dental professionals to help them reach more patients.

    How Your Donations Help Dentaid

    Your donations are vital in supporting the work Dentaid carry out. Returned instruments that can be reconditioned are used to support dentists around the world allowing volunteers to reach more patients.

    Your old instruments can even help Dentaid provide free dental care for homeless and vulnerable people in the UK. Through the use of mobile dental units, day centres and night shelters, Dentaid volunteers can provide emergency treatment for people who find it difficult to access dental care. 

    Find out more about the work that Dentaid carry out.


    Volunteering with Dentaid

    Thanks to Dentaid’s volunteer programme, you can use your skills as a dental professional to help treat people overseas who have no other access to dental care.

    Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Dentaid has been forced to postpone its 2021 overseas volunteering trips.

    Check back here for further updates soon.

    If you are interested in volunteering closer to home, Dentaid offers a wide range of opportunities in the UK. Discover more about volunteering in the UK.

    PDT Earthcare FAQs

    Yes. With PDT Earthcare, you can trade in any hand-powered dental instrument, regardless of the original manufacturer. Whilst surgical and endodontic instruments are also accepted as donations for Dentaid, you can only exchange diagnostic and hygiene instruments as part of the Earthcare scheme. 

    No. Unfortunately, electrically powered hand instruments, including prophy and cavitron tips, are not accepted.

    Yes. For health and safety purposes, all hand instruments must be fully heat sterilised and free of debris prior to shipping.

    Ensure all your hand instruments are packaged securely. We recommend using plenty of bubble wrap to prevent any blades poking through the parcel. Let’s keep our couriers safe!

    Yes. Upon receipt, all returned instruments are carefully checked by PDT craftspeople. Any instruments that cannot be reused are responsibly recycled to help protect the environment.

    The sender is responsible for outgoing postage costs. The cost of shipping your new PDT hand instrument/s is covered by Swallow Dental Supplies.  

    No. You can trade-in as many instruments as you like. For every 12 instruments we receive, we will send you one free PDT instrument of your choice. For example, if you send 60 hand instruments, you will receive five free PDT instruments.   

    Yes. However, 12 separate mirror heads and/or handles count as one item. So, for example, if you send in 11 hand instruments, you will need to include 12 mirror heads/handles to receive your free PDT instrument.

    Complete mirrors (handle with head) count as one item.

    Yes. However, 12 separate tips count as one item. So, for example, if you send in 11 hand instruments, you will need to include 12 tips to receive your free PDT instrument.