Swallow Dental FAQs

Welcome to our FAQs page. Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Swallow Dental and the service we provide.

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About Us

Why is your company called Swallow Dental?

How long has Swallow Dental been in business?

Why should I shop with Swallow Dental?

What are Swallow Dental’s opening hours?

Can I follow Swallow Dental on social media?

Product Advice

I need advice before purchasing a product; can I speak to someone?

Do you have a catalogue?

Can I book a practice visit?

Placing an Order

How do I order products from Swallow Dental?

How do I view items in my online shopping basket?

I’m having issues ordering online; is there another way to order?

Can I edit my basket before checking out?

My product is downloadable; how do I access it?

How do I view my current/previous orders?

An item is out of stock; can I still place an order?

I’ve ordered the wrong product; what should I do?


How can I pay for my order?

What credit/debit cards does Swallow Dental accept?

How can I pay my Swallow Dental invoice?

Discounts & Promotions

How do I apply a discount code to my order?

Are there any Swallow Dental discount codes available?

Your Account

How do I set up an online account?

I’ve previously ordered from Swallow Dental; do I automatically have an online account?

I’ve forgotten my password; can I still access my online account?

How do I change my password?

How do I edit my account information?

How do I change my personal information?

How do I leave a product review?


How long will I have to wait for my order?

Does Swallow Dental offer a premium delivery service?

I require an item urgently; does Swallow Dental provide a fast-track service?

How are postage costs calculated?

What if my item is not in stock?

My delivery is coming in multiple parts; will I have to pay for multiple deliveries?

Can I request a timed delivery?


Can I return items to Swallow Dental?

Who pays the postage on returned items?

I’ve been sent the wrong item; do I have to pay return postage?

Can I return personalised products?

My order was damaged in transit; can I return it?

I’ve received my item but it’s faulty; can I return it?

How quickly will Swallow Dental process my return?

I’ve returned an item; can I track its progress?

I have an item to return; can I print a returns form?

I need a replacement item, but Swallow Dental is out of stock; what should I do?

I need to return an item from outside the UK; what should I do?

I’m returning an item on which duty has been paid; will this money be refunded?