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Why Choose NeoBiotech

“Every NeoBiotech product strives to push boundaries and make dentists' lives easier.”

With a commitment to quality, NeoBiotech’s ultimate goal is to make dentists’ lives easier.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dentistry solutions, the South Korean organisation continuously and relentlessly strives for new and better ways to improve every area of implant, restorative, and digital dentistry.

Commitment to Innovation

As dentistry continues to evolve, so too does NeoBiotech’s comprehensive range of products. Pushing the boundaries of innovation has always been at the core of NeoBiotech’s ethos as every solution must comply with the company’s ‘3 S Spirit’ for both dentists and patients:

NeoBiotech Fixture Removal Kit

Dedicated to Scientific Research

By working alongside international clinical research centres, academics, dental hospitals, and universities, NeoBiotech’s dedicated team are able to provide scientifically proven solutions.

New and pioneering processes and approaches ensure they continue to deliver the best possible results in the field.

Explore the NeoBiotech Range

“Every NeoBiotech kit delivers quality and ground-breaking innovation. ”

Neobiotech’s high-tech manufacturing process and constant quality assurance ensure the highest quality level of products.

Find the right NeoBiotech kit for you and your patients.

Fixture Removal Kit

NeoBiotech Fixture Removal Kit

Fix Failing Implants

The NeoBiotech Implant Removal Kit enables you to remove failing or misplaced implants quickly, easily and without the need for surgery, trephine or trauma.

Easy removal of Osseointegrated implant
No damage to the surrounding bone
No patient trauma
No need to use a trephine
Application to most known implants

Screw Removal Kit

NeoBiotech Fixture Removal Kit

Remove Screws Quickly and Easily

The NeoBiotech Screw Remover Kit is a surgical tool developed to safely and quickly remove screws that have become fractured inside an implanted fixture.

Once the screw has been removed, a new abutment can be connected to the fixture.

Avoid damaging or loosening implants
Remove fractured screws quickly and easily
Works with most implant systems
No surgery required

Sinus Crestal Approach Kit

NeoBiotech Sinus Crestal Approach Kit

Drill Sinus Cortical Wall With No Fear

The NeoBiotech Sinus Crestal Approach (SCA) Kit allows for the drilling of the sinus cortical wall whilst eliminating the need for osteotomes during sinus lift procedures.

Avoid tears with specially designed reamers
High speed drilling
Maintain the integrity of the sinus lining
No learning curve, just fast and effective

Ridge Wider Kit

NeoBiotech Ridge Wider Kit

The Ultimate Ridge Splitting Solution

The NeoBiotech Ridge Wider Kit contains the surgical instruments necessary for horizontal expansion and simultaneous implant placement in narrow ridges.

Safe and effective horizontal expansion
Simultaneous implant placement in narrow ridges

Sinus Lateral Approach Kit

NeoBiotech Sinus Lateral Approach Kit

Safe, Simple and Effective

The NeoBiotech SLA (Sinus Lateral Approach) Kit offers the ultimate solution for a minimally invasive lateral approach that’s safe and effective for you and your patients.

Less pain and reduced swelling
Highly effective
Minimally invasive
Simplify the sinus lateral approach