QuickSleeper5 Intraosseous Anaesthesia Workshop

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QuickSleeper5 is a state-of-the-art electronic pen that will transform how you perform all of your dental anaesthesia.

Increase your available treatment time with instant, profound and guaranteed anaesthesia of single or multiple teeth with just one injection.  

QuickSleeper offers improved efficiency with no collateral numbness of the lips, tongue or cheek, making it a great practice builder with an excellent ROI.

Drastically enhance your patients’ experience with this revolutionary approach to anaesthesia.

Discover the improvements intraosseous anaesthesia can bring to routine treatments and patient care by attending one of our FREE QuickSleeper5 Intraosseous Anaesthesia Workshops.

 Join us in saying goodbye to ID blocks forever.

About the Workshop

This comprehensive one-day course is your introduction to a pain-free and patient-friendly approach to anaesthetic delivery.

By combining theoretical learning with hands-on practical training, this workshop aims to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively administer intraosseous anaesthesia using the revolutionary QuickSleeper5 system.

Under the careful guidance of one of our QuickSleeper experts, you will be offered careful guidance, drawing on the tutor's personal experiences with the unit in general practice, in what is always an enjoyable and valuable learning experience.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to introduce the QuickSleeper5 into your own practice.

Workshops are free to attend and there is no obligation to purchase a device upon completion. Attendees qualify for 5 hours of verifiable CPD.

Learn more about QuickSleeper5 below, including upcoming workshops.

A booking fee of £75 is fully refunded on attendance. 

Future Events

Can't make an upcoming workshop or looking for something a little closer to home? Register your interest in our upcoming QuickSleeper courses and we'll contact you to discuss future events. 

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Upcoming QuickSleeper Intraosseous Anaesthesia Workshops

If you are interested in attending a QuickSleeper5 Intraosseous Anaesthesia Workshop, they are free to attend and running throughout the year at sites across the UK.

Upcoming QuickSleeper5 Intraosseous Anaesthesia Workshops:

About the Day

Currently operating from venues across the UK, our QuickSleeper5 Intraosseous Anaesthesia Workshops allow you to discover the benefits intraosseous anaesthesia can bring to routine treatments and patient care.

Course registration is from 9.30 am with a finish time of around 3.30 pm.

Sessions are limited to eight delegates, allowing maximum chair time with our tutor, Dr Prynne.

Courses are free to attend and qualify for 5 hours CPD.

A booking fee of £75 is fully refunded on attendance.

Why Choose QuickSleeper5

QuickSleeper5 is a state-of-the-art electronic pen that efficiently and comfortably performs all your dental anaesthesia - including osteocentral anaesthesia - quickly and without failure.

By enabling injections into the cancellous bone close to the apex, QuickSleeper delivers anaesthesia that is instantaneous and without numbness to the surrounding soft tissues. The system also allows for effortless anaesthetising of mandibular molars, even with pulpitis.

Simplify extractions and implant procedures, as well as endodontic and cosmetic treatments whilst increasing patient comfort and reducing chair time.

What are the Advantages of QuickSleeper5?

  • Immediate anaesthesia
  • Pain-free dentistry
  • Maximum precision
  • Stressless anaesthesia, even with children
  • Anaesthetise up to six teeth with a single injection
  • Allows multi-quadrant treatments

Who Can Attend a QuickSleeper5 Intraosseous Anaesthesia Workshop?

Our workshops are aimed at anyone who is interested in the benefits of intraosseous anaesthesia, the concept of ‘pain-free’ dentistry or simply looking for an alternative to ID blocks and intra-ligamentary anaesthesia.

Book Your Place

If you would like to attend a QuickSleeper5 Intraosseous Anaesthesia Workshop, book your place today using the form at the top of this page.

Due to limited availability, a £75 deposit is required when booking. This will be refunded in full on attendance

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Thomas Friar
80% of 100
Good Event All very well explained. Andrew was an excellent speaker - well versed and there was not a pushy or unrealistic environment. Good event. Interesting product. Useful knowledge and skill to learn.
Katherine Zhao
100% of 100
The course on Saturday was very interesting and enjoyable. I look forward to trying out the quick sleeper. Well presented and taught in an interactive and stimulating manner.
Jessica McBride
100% of 100
Thanks for a brilliant course. Brilliant course - looking forward to the Masterclass! Thanks so much. Follow up review: Thank you so much for a fantastic course last week. I’ve had a couple of goes with the Quicksleeper and it’s great! Hoping to incorporate it into daily practice ASAP.
Santosh Patil
100% of 100
Brilliant Andrew is a brilliant teacher!
I-Chun Peng
100% of 100
Very Clear The presentation was very clear.
Pierluca Campana
100% of 100
Very Useful Very useful information. Practical.
Mike Ainsworth
100% of 100
Great Great energy. Really good, thank you.
Maria Vallina
100% of 100
Excellent Presentation and Demonstration Excellent throughout. I'm glad I came to the course, the product seems ideal and the support team are extremely knowledgeable and experienced.
Marc Duncan
100% of 100
Enjoyable Very well presented, allowing for lots of questions. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day.
100% of 100
Lovely Team James has gone out of his way to support and Andrew is very positive and clearly believes in this approach.
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