Smart Bone

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SmartBone Microchips 0.25-1mm 0.25g SMG251025
£64.80 £54.00
SmartBone Microchips 0.25-1mm 0.5g SMG251005
£75.60 £63.00
SmartBone Microchips 0.25-1mm 1g SMG251010
£120.60 £100.50
SmartBone Microchips 0.25-1mm 2g SMG251020
£222.00 £185.00
Smartbone Microchips 1-2mm 0.5g SMG102005
£79.20 £66.00
Smartbone Microchips 1-2mm 1g SMG102010
£120.60 £100.50
Smartbone Microchips 1-2mm 2g SMG102020
£222.00 £185.00
Smartbone Microchips 2-4mm 2g SMG204020
£234.00 £195.00
Smartbone Plate 3x25x15mm SMP013010
£271.20 £226.00
Smartbone Plate 4x10x10mm SMP013040
£186.00 £155.00
Smartbone Cube 7x7x7mm Ref. SMB011005
£210.00 £175.00
Smartbone Cube 10x10x10mm Ref. SMB011010
£234.00 £195.00
Smartbone Cube 10x10x20mm Ref. SMBP011020
£354.00 £295.00

An Exciting Composite Graft Material

Specifically developed for regeneration in oral and maxillofacial reconstructive surgery.

Produced by combining natural bone structures with bioactive resorbable polymers, this new concept of biomaterial assembly allows the patient's cells to grow quickly and efficiently into Smartbone while its biopolymers degrade, providing perfect integration and osteogenesis.


Key Features:

smartbone high tissue integration

1. High Tissue Integration

Smartbone's microstructure and composition mimics human bone and favours cell colonisation. Microscopic analysis of in vitro cell colonisation tests evidenced the presence of wide and well structured cell formations inside Smartbone.

smartbone High Hydrophilicity

2. High Hydrophilicity

Thanks to its microcomposition, Smartbone readily absorbs blood and quickly reaches an average 38% blood swelling, thereby allowing a robust osseointegration.

smartbone High Mechanical Performances

3. High Mechanical Performances

Smartbone has a rigid pseudo-elastic behaviour withstanding heavy surgical manoeuvres and precision shaping. It bears 3 times the competitor's maximum load and is 4 times more rigid offering a high tenacity to fixation screws.

smartbone Open Porosity and Microstructure

4. Open Porosity and Microstructure

The microstructure of Smartbone's composite matrix strongly resembles the human bone in terms of an open mid-sized 27% porosity.

5. Extremely High Biocompatibility

Fully compliant with ISO 10993 requirements; optimal results during in vivo investigations and clinical trials.

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