PDT Probe UNC 15-WHO (BPE)

Double ended dental probe UNC15 - WHO
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UNC15: 1 to 15 by 1mm on one end.

WHO: World Health Organisation (AKA BPE) 3 1/2 - 5 1/2 - 8 1/2 - 11 1/2mm

100% of 100
perfection i bought these almost 2 years ago now and they're used 4 days a week constantly and they're in perfect nick and the black markings have not faded. Very easy to ready markings, fine probes and light instrument to hold. Wouldn't bother wasting money on any other make
Lyndsay Wood
100% of 100
I would 100% recommend PDT instruments At university, the UNC-15/WHO probes were readily available in our examination kits, which I sorely missed when I joined the practice. I decided to order some of my own along with a selection of hand scalers to get me started. The UNC-15/WHO probe has very clear lines which helps me to see the pocket depths much easier. Because of this, I find 6 point pocket charts much quicker and easier to complete. The instruments themselves are lightweight and have brilliant ergonomics. A small bonus is that I was able to pay a little extra to have my name etched onto the handle so the nurses know they are mine. Additionally, the service from Swallow Dental was, as always, first class. I would 100% recommend PDT instruments and Swallow Dental as a service provider.
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