Safety Suction for Piezo Style Handpiece


Capture Aerosol at the Source

SafetySuction® brings high-volume evacuation right up to the tip of aerosol producing ultrasonic scalers. Aerosols can contain blood, bacteria, viruses. SafetySuction®’s proven-technology captures 93% aerosol as it is produced. Aerosols and liquids safely evacuate down the standard high-vac suction line.

Maximise protection by minimising aerosol.

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Why SafetySuction®?

The new SafetySuction® captures 93% of aerosols at their source. The standards of dentistry are ever-changing with the demands of healthcare. Routine use of masks, gloves, and other surface protection are no longer enough with the presence of droplet-spread diseases. Measures need to be taken to reduce the amount of aerosol created and distributed in order to prevent the spread within the operatory area.

  • High Volume Aerosol evacuation at the tip of your ultrasonic scaler
  • Available to fit many types of ultrasonics
  • Reduce contaminated aerosol by 93%
  • Reduces water buildup by 80%
  • Removable handpiece is autoclavable, supporting long term infection control
  • Made in the USA

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