Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tip


Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tips deliver effortlessly efficient sub-gingival scaling at low power settings. Make your scaling quieter and more comfortable for you and your patients.

Each tip is ultrafine and designed to reach inter-proximally without difficulty, making the removal of plaque and calculus swift and easy.

All Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tips feature a clear wear indicator that clearly shows when it’s time to replace without needing to measure. This ensures your tips deliver outstanding performance with every use.

Why Choose Scorpion Ultrasonic Tips

  • Reduce power to 40%
  • Compatible with all major brands
  • Optimum patient comfort
  • Greater amplitude, even at low power settings
  • Slimmer tips improve access
  • Clear wear indicator
  • Available for sub or supra-gingival ultrasonic scaling

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Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tip for EMS/Woodpecker Scaler - Ref: EPEM
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£81.12 £67.60
Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tip for Acteon, NSK Varios, DTE Scalers - Ref: EPSA
- +
£81.12 £67.60
Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tip for Mectron, KAVO PIEZOlux/SONOsoft - Ref: EPKP
- +
£81.12 £67.60
Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tip for Sirona Sirosonic Scaler - Ref: EPSI
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£80.34 £66.95
Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tip for LM/Amdent Scaler - Ref: EPLM
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£81.12 £67.60

Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tip

By working at 40 per cent reduced power, Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tips offers both users and patients a more comfortable experience. Ultrasonic sub-gingival scaling also delivers greater amplitude and improved access thanks to a slimmer tip.

Tips feature a built-in wear indicator to ensure optimum performance with no need to measure. 

Scorpion Ultrasonic Wear Guide

Ultra Thin

Scorpion Ultrasonic - Ultra Thin

Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tips reach interproximal space without difficulty.

Ultra Powerful

Scorpion Ultrasonic - Ultra Powerful

Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tips guarantee strong cavitation even with a low power scaling device.

Universally Compatible

Scorpion Fine Perio Scaling Tips are compatible with handpieces from all major brands.

  • EMS
  • Woodpecker
  • Acteon
  • NSK Varios
  • DTE scalers
  • Mectron
  • KAVO
  • PIEZOlux
  • SONOsoft
  • Sirona Sirosonic Scaler
  • LM
  • Amdent Scaler

Approved by the Experts

Pat Popat Scorpion Perio Scaling Tip Testimonial

“Scorpion tips are not only fine but also work on a very low power setting. This makes ultrasonic scaling a much more comfortable experience for my patients and helps me to be more precise with my scaling…

“The gold ceramic coating also tells me when it is worn out so I do not have to keep measuring the length of the tip. These features allow me to use the light ‘exploring’ pressure and ‘erasing’ bi-directional movements recommended by those in the know.”

Pat Popat RDHT, BSc

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