Scorpion Magic Sonic Noise Reduction Ear Buds

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Scorpion Magic Sonic Noise Reduction Ear Buds drastically reduce sound pressure that occurs during ultrasonic scaling, turbines, pneumatic scalers and suction.

The sound environment and the perception of speech sounds remain unchanged for the comfort of dental surgeons, hygienists, assistants and patients.

Each pack includes 2 pairs.

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Our no-obligation trial allows you to return your Scorpion Magic Sonic Noise Reduction Ear Buds within 90 days if you are not completely satisfied with the product.  

Please note: The Magic Sonic Buds do not need to seal the ear canal to be effective.

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Each pair of Scorpion Magic Sonic Noise Reduction Ear Buds consists of 3 resonators that reduce sound pressure in the frequency range of around 6000 Hz (pneumatic scalers and turbines).

What's in the Box?

Each box contains:

4 x Magic Sonic Buds (2 pairs)

2 x Cords

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Number in pack: 2

Country of manufacture: France

Julie Rosse - Dental Hygienist
100% of 100
An absolute revelation! Having worked in clinical dentistry for the past years I now suffer from occasional tinnitus due to the numerous sources of high frequency volume in a dental surgery - mainly that of the ultrasonic scaling machine and other dental equipment Damage to the ears may also be contributed to from Read More
Sophie Ward - Dental Nurse, Bramley Dental
80% of 100
I would definitely recommend. They are comfy to wear and I don't really notice I have them in I like them because you can still hear and talk with them and yet it still makes a difference not hearing the scaler or fast handpiece I also like that they are autoclavable so they're hygienic Read More
Dr Mélanie Recuero
80% of 100
We use on a daily basis We use magic sonic with cords on a daily basis Indeed the cords greatly facilitate the holding of the earcups although they must be re-adjusted in the ear canal several times during care We are very satisfied with this device and can no longer consider care without wearing it so Read More
Jean Marie Boulley
80% of 100
Pleasure to test! I had the pleasure of testing this noise reduction device Do not push them into the ear canal just place them at the entrance The reduction in the noise of the turbine and the red ring counter-angle is really noticeable Our assistants also wear them and can no longer do Read More
Dr Recuero Melanie Morbihan
80% of 100
We use them daily. We use the magic sonics daily with the cords Indeed the cords make it much easier to hold the earpieces although they must be readjusted in the ear canal several times during the treatment We are very satisfied with this device and can no longer consider treatments without wearing them Read More
Dr Eric Hazan Paris
100% of 100
Work in complete serenity. For a very long time the various and varied noises of turbines contra angles suctions and others have caused permanent stress to our ears and some of us have lost hearing acuity Thanks to the Magic Sonic a new world opens up to us to work in complete serenity sheltered Read More
Jacinta Amorim
60% of 100
Useful, but can't wear all day Very useful for limiting milling and suction noise. I was apprehensive not to hear the practitioner but that only filters out the noise. On the other hand it is difficult to wear all day, it ends up hurting the ears
Lionel Coudray
80% of 100
Very satisfied with them I am very satisfied with the Magic Sonic after two months of daily use as part of my activity as a dental technician These sound protections allowed me to protect myself from the noise pollution found in my laboratory which are very important plaster size steam plant suction turbines etc Read More
Dr Marc Apap
80% of 100
Effective Regarding the Magic Sonic I confirm that it is quite effective It does not attenuate any particular frequency but makes work more comfortable when using ultrasonic scalers with high-pitched noise It attenuates suction noises less significantly It also attenuates the sound of my own voice and curiously encourages me to Read More
Natacha Bordes
80% of 100
Easy to insert Easy to insert and comfortable to wear. It really cuts out suction, ultrasonic and grinding noises without preventing other sounds from being heard.
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