Scorpion Scaling Tip for Air Scalers

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Scorpion Standard Scaling Tip for Kavo SonicFlex scaler. Ref: AIR
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Scorpion Standard Scaling Tip for W&H & NSK Air scalers. Ref: AIRw
£67.00 £80.40

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What is so special about Scorpion?

Scorpion tips have Superior Metallurgy to give:

  • Quieter, more comfortable tips - you can use a much lower power setting
  • More resonant tips - for greater cavitation
  • Longer life with titanium nitride visual wear indicator
  • Very thin tips - for easy interproximal access.

Built in Wear Indicator

No Need for Measuring.

Scorpion Scaler Tips Built in Wear Indicator










Power Down

Scorpion Scaler Tips Turn Down Your Power Settings










With Scorpion Scaling Tips you obtain easy interproximal and sub-gingival access and strong cavitation, requiring 40% less power.

More brains, more brawn

Due to the innovative design of Scorpion tips, you can get better results with the power turned right down, and the visual wear indicator lets you know when to change the tip with no need for measuring.

Available for KAVO SONICflex, W&H and NSK Air.

Made in France.

Please see our product documents and video tabs for further information on the Scorpion Scaler inserts.
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