W&H Piezo Tips for Implantology

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W&H 3x1I Piezo Tip for Implantology
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Piezo Scaler Tips

The W&H range of tips for the Tigon+ and Tigon piezo scalers were developed in close cooperation with end users.

The range therefore fulfils the exact requirements of dental practice and implantology.


Implantology Range

W&H Implantology Tip 1I

W&H Implantology Tip 1I

Special tip 1I Implant Clean (REF 06370500)

  • Cleaning of implants.
  • Sssociated suprastructures and restorations.

See below for further details.

Implantology Tip

W&H Implantology Tip 1I

Special tip 1I Implant Clean (REF 06370500)

Tip with specially developed plastic for efficient and gentle cleaning of implants and the associated suprastructures and restorations.


The W&H Piezo Tip System

Compact, organised, safe and effective.W&H Piezo Tip ChangerThe W&H tip system has been developed in consultation with end users and specially designed for the technical requirements of W&H piezo technology. The result: a compact, organised and effective system of 22 universal and special tips, perfectly designed for the requirements of the specific applications and stages of treatment. For greater efficiency during treatment – and less risk when changing tips. Each W&H tip is supplied with a sterilisable and thermo-disinfectable tip changer to allow all tips to be changed quickly and easily.













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