Luxator Instruments

Why Choose Luxator

“Luxator is widely recognised as one of the best surgical instruments on the planet.”

Created in Sweden, Luxator instruments from Directa Dental make extractions as trauma-free as possible.

Inspired by Dentists

Specifically developed to incorporate subtleties that only a practising dentist would appreciate, all Luxator instruments are ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and maximum control during use.

The unique size and shape of each instrument handle minimises the force required during procedures. It’s this careful attention to detail that sets Luxator instruments apart from others on the market.

Only high-quality, medical-grade materials are used during the manufacturing process. Ultra-durable materials ensure that these dental Luxators deliver supreme and reliable performance throughout their lifetime, retaining their strength and sharpness after repeated use and sterilisation.

Directa Luxator Tips

Embrace Comfort and Precision

During dental surgery, Luxator instruments offer a modern alternative to traditional forcep extractions. By reducing bone loss and tissue trauma, procedures can be carried out in a safer and more precise fashion.

It is this ability to provide a more comfortable experience that has made Luxator synonymous with tooth extraction in dental practices around the world.

Dental Luxators feature a fine tapered blade that compresses the alveolar, cuts the membrane, and lightly separates the tooth from its socket. This minimises destruction to the surrounding tissue and ensures the implant site remains intact.

The slim, stainless-steel Luxator blade can be easily inserted between bone and tooth root with minimal effort. And for even smoother entry, the titanium-coated blades of the Titanium and P-Series dental Luxators reduce friction by up to 43 per cent.

Once the tooth is removed from its socket, any loose fragments attached to the periodontal ligament can be removed using the Luxator RootPicker. Capable of gripping small and slippery remnants, RootPickers are the ideal tool for clearing unwanted debris.


Explore the Luxator Range

“All you need for a successful extraction!”


Available in eight blade sizes, Luxator Periotomes are designed to preserve bone integrity and drastically reduce patient trauma during extraction.

Ergonomic design
Maximum tactility
Atraumatic extraction

Short Periotomes

Designed with a shaft that’s 10mm shorter than regular Luxator Periotomes, the Short Periotome range is perfect for performing precision extractions.

Shorter blades
Ergonomic design
Easily identifiable


Offering enhanced durability, Luxator Titanium Periotomes allow for easier access to tooth sockets by significantly reducing friction and don’t require sharpening.

Ultra-durable titanium tips
43% less friction than stainless steel
Comfortable design

Dual Edge

For deeply fractured teeth and decaying roots, Dual Edge Periotomes provide a safer stepped insertion that significantly reduces slipping.

Perform safer insertions
Perfect starter tool in difficult cases
Perfect for fractured teeth and decaying roots

Forte Elevators

Specially designed to grasp dentine or root cementum for safer tooth elevation, Luxator Forte Elevators feature a unique cornered, rigid tip.

Cornered tip
Maximum tactility
Thin, robust design


Designed to be thinner and sharper than other Luxator instruments, the Luxator P-Series allows you to work with enhanced precision and tactility.

Probe and separate with ease
Ergonomic penholder grip
Durable titanium tips


The RootPicker allows for simple extraction of tooth fragments or loose root tips that remain attached to the periodontal ligament.

Unique design
Four-corner grip
Straight or angled tips


Choose from specially prepared multi-instrument kits from Luxator, designed to meet the extraction needs of the modern dentist.

Save on multiple instruments
High-quality design
User-friendly instruments


Designed to extend the life of your Luxator instruments, the Fixus 1 is a safe and secure storage device that’s compact and easy to use.

Prolong the life of Luxator instruments
Safe and hygienic handling

There are several different types of dental Luxator available. These include:

  • Periotomes
  • Short Periotomes
  • Titanium
  • Dual Edge
  • P-Series

You can buy dental Luxators from Swallow Dental Supplies.

Click here to browse the full range of Directa Luxators.

You can choose from specially prepared multi-instrument kits from Luxator. Select from:

  • Luxator Kit LK4
  • Luxator Kit LK7
  • Luxator Kit SK4
  • Luxator RootPicker Kit K2
  • Luxator P-Kit

The titanium-coated tips allow for greater access between bone and tooth root. Friction is reduced by up to 43 per cent compared to more conventional stainless-steel instruments.

Dental Luxators can be sharpened using the L10 Sharpening Tool.

Luxator instruments with titanium tips do not require sharpening.