PDT O'Hehir 19-20 Posterior Mesial Curette


Part of the New Millennium Series, the PDT O'Hehir 19-20 Posterior Mesial Curette is a posterior scoop curette with unique 270° radiused cutting edges.

Ideally suited for deep, narrow pockets, the O'Hehir 19-20 can be used with either a push or pull motion, in vertical, horizontal or diagonal directions.

The instrument is anatomically colour-coded for faster and easier identification during procedures.  

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PDT O’Hehir 19-20 Posterior Mesial Curette

The PDT O'Hehir 19-20 Posterior Mesial Curette is specially designed to allow for multiple angulations, making it far more effective for calculus removal without causing tissue trauma.

O’Hehir Curettes

  • No tissue trauma
  • Reach areas missed by traditional curette blades
  • Unique scoop blade with 270-degree cutting perimeter
  • Push and pull in any direction
  • Three-dimensional scaling and root planing
  • Ideal for flutings, furcations and line angles
  • Designed for maximum effectiveness and efficiency
Range:O'Hehir (New Millennium Series)
Region:Posterior Mesial
Colour:Sunshine Yellow

Thinner, sharper and harder wearing, the blades on PDT hand instruments are made to meet the demands of the modern dental practice.

The unique heat-treat and cryogenics process used during manufacturing helps to produce a uniform molecular grain structure in the stainless-steel blades. This makes them more far more robust and durable. They also stay sharper for longer.

Weighing only 13 grams, each PDT hand instrument is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. The large diameter handles are made from solid resin and feature extended knurling for greater control and improved manoeuvrability; this decreases the amount of pinch required, ultimately leading to less hand fatigue.

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