PDT Micro Sickle Scaler

Posterior Scaler.
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Shaped like a mini 204SD.

PDT's Thinner, sharper and harder blades last longer due to our unique process of heat treat and cryogenics that produces a uniform molecular grain structure in the steel. This also translates to more durability and a reduction in sharpening time required.

The ergonomically designed handle is solid resin. Weighing in at only 13 grams it makes PDT instruments some of the lightest on the market, and the comfortable large diameter handle has extended knurling for superior control and greater manoeuverability that allows for the ultimate tactile sensitivity.

Greta Compton
100% of 100
Amazing Tactile Sense My first impression of the PDT micro sickle is its superb quality. The hardness of the cutting tip is amazing and the tactile sense gained through this instrument whilst using it, in my opinion is a hygienists dream. I can only liken it to taking the first bite of a fresh cream chocolate eclair when you have not eaten one for 10 years! This is the perfectionists’ tool. The final instrument to be used from the instrument selection. It is able to access the tiniest, most difficult, awkward and hard to reach deposit or stain where no other tip will fit and effortlessly remove it. I have used LM micro sickle for 12 years and in my opinion the PDT equivalent is better in every way. Its construction, the sharpness of the cutting edge, the tactile sense felt through this beautifully crafted instrument and the clinical results gained from its use. Another 5 stars for this "high quality diamond!" Greta Compton RDH
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