QuickSleeper 5 Intraosseous Anaesthesia Delivery System

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Painless, immediate and profound, with no collateral numbness.

Dr. Andrew Prynne"As dental practitioners, the provision of local anaesthesia plays an enormous role in the management of the treatments we perform and is pivotal in the relationship that we form with our patients. We have all had complications and failures in our delivery of local anaesthesia that have resulted in a compromise to our patients' experience, to the trust that our patients have in us and in an increased stress level for everyone.

Even successful delivery of traditional local anaesthetic techniques has negative side effects such as the period of modified function when speaking, eating and drinking and the collateral numbness of soft tissues during which the anaesthetised tissues may be traumatised by biting or burning with hot liquids."

Andrew Prynne, BDS.

International Lecturer and Trainer on Intraosseous Anaesthesia


An electronic pen that efficiently and comfortably performs all your dental anaesthesia, including osteocentral anaesthesia.

Thanks to state of the art technology, QuickSleeper5 is the only device that enables you to perform osteocentral anaesthesia quickly and without failure. Enabling injections into the cancellous bone close to the apex, anaesthesia is instantaneous and without numbness to the surrounding soft tissues. The system is becoming extremely popular for its many advantages, in particular, for the ease with which it enables anaesthetising mandibular molars, even with pulpitis.


Increase Efficiency and Profitability

This system is ideal for both the patient and the therapist: it is painless, works immediately, does not fail and does not give a numb feeling (even in molars with pulpitis). No additional lingual or palatal injections are needed, even for an extraction. No mandibular block is needed and there are no post-operative side effects. A single injection can anaesthetise up to 8 teeth and multiple zones can be treated in the same session.


Training Courses

We strongly recommend training with this product before use, and provide a half day introductory session covering the benefits, set-up and use of the system. This can then be followed up with a masterclass covering more advanced techniques, ideally 3 – 6 months after you start using the system. Both training sessions are included with the purchase of your Quicksleeper5.

The Introductory course can be attended at no charge without obligation to purchase the unit.

Price Includes


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How does the QuickSleeper 5 work?

The QuickSleeper 5 works in three phases:

In phase 1 the mucosa with the special DHT needle is pre-extinguished (the perioste is not touched, but it is delivered). The special shape of the needle in combination with the computer-controlled delivery rate of anesthesia ensures that the patient experiences no pain.

In phase 2 the same needle drills slowly and in a controlled manner in the bone. There is no feeling in the bone, so the patient feels no pain.

During phase 3 , the anesthetic fluid is injected into the spongy bone. It spreads in the spongy bone and adjacent tissues. The needle is withdrawn and the treatment can start immediately.


The benefits of QuickSleeper 5

Maximum Precision

QuickSleeper 5 is handled like a pen. Your fingers are close to the needle and you can use real support points, enabling anaesthesia to be precise and comfortable.


No Painful Hand

Pen grip plus electronic injection. No muscular effort required. Even if you are unable to manipulate a syringe or ratchet anymore, you can achieve perfect anaesthesia without pain.


Osteocentral Anesthesia

Quicksleeper has an exclusive feature that puts the needle in rotation to pass through cortical bone easily and without pain. Thus the injection is closer to the apex.


Clinically Validated

Praised by faculties in paediatric dentistry and endodontics, QuickSleeper is regularly published.


2 Year Warranty

QuickSleeper is designed and assembled in France with quality components and many controls. QuickSleeper is guaranteed for 2 years parts and labour.
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