QuickSleeper Intraosseous Anaesthesia Delivery System

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QuickSleeper5 is a state-of-the-art electronic pen that will revolutionise how you perform all of your dental anaesthesia.

Increase your available treatment time with instant, profound and guaranteed anaesthesia of single or multiple teeth with just a single injection.  

Quicksleeper offers improved efficiency while also massively enhancing your patients’ experience with no collateral numbness of the lips, tongue or cheek, making it a great practice builder with an excellent ROI.

QuickSleeper5 Intraosseous Anaesthesia Workshop

Discover the improvements intraosseous anaesthesia can bring to routine treatments and patient care, as you say goodbye to ID blocks forever in one of our FREE Intraosseous Anaesthesia tutorials.

Presented by our QuickSleeper aficionado and tutor, Dr Andrew Prynne, you will be introduced to a pain-free and patient-friendly approach to anaesthetic delivery. You will even have the opportunity to experience the Quicksleeper5 first-hand.

During the one-day course, Dr Prynne will offer careful guidance, drawing on his personal experiences with the unit in general practice. Each session is an extremely enjoyable and valuable learning experience.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to introduce the QuickSleeper5 into your practice.

Tutorials are free to attend and there is no obligation to purchase a device. Completion of the course qualifies for 5 hours of verifiable CPD.

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How Does QuickSleeper5 Work?

The QuickSleeper5 works in three phases:

Phase one: The mucosa with the special DHT needle is pre-extinguished (the perioste is not touched, but it is delivered). The special shape of the needle in combination with the computer-controlled delivery rate of anaesthesia ensures that the patient experiences no pain.

Phase two: The same needle drills slowly and in a controlled manner in the bone. There is no feeling in the bone, so the patient feels no pain.

Phase three: The anaesthetic fluid is injected into the bone. It spreads in the spongy bone and adjacent tissues. The needle is withdrawn and the treatment can start immediately.

Increase Efficiency and Profitability

Build your practice and drastically enhance patient experience with this truly innovative approach to anaesthesia. Allow your patients to experience instantly effective anaesthesia that's completely pain-free and guaranteed, even in ‘hot teeth’.

Anxiety among patients is common. The QuickSleeper's unique method of delivery promises painless treatment, reducing the demands on the clinician and resulting in a more relaxed experience for all.

QuickSleeper5 is ideal for both patients and therapists.

By enabling injections into the cancellous bone close to the apex, the unit delivers anaesthesia that is instantaneous and without collateral numbness to the cheeks, lips and tongue. The system also allows for effortless anaesthetising of mandibular molars, even with pulpitis.

With a single injection, complete quadrants can be treated in the same session.

There’s no need for additional lingual or palatal injections, even for an extraction. Mandibular blocks are not required and there are no post-operative side effects.

Simplify extractions and implant procedures, as well as endodontic and cosmetic treatments whilst increasing patient comfort and reducing chair time.

The Benefits of QuickSleeper5

QuickSleeper5 allows you to change your approach to anaesthesia and bring greater serenity to your practice. It is the perfect addition to any dental tool kit and simplifies extractions, implant,  endodontic and cosmetic procedures.

Maximum Precision

QuickSleeper5 is handled just like a pen. Ergonomically designed, the handpiece allows your fingers to remain close to the needle, enabling anaesthesia to be precise and comfortable.

No Hand Pain

By delivering an electronic injection with a pen grip, no muscular effort is required. Even if you are unable to manipulate a syringe or ratchet anymore, you can achieve perfect anaesthesia without pain.

Osteocentral Anaesthesia

Quicksleeper5 has an exclusive feature that puts the needle in rotation to pass through cortical bone easily, allowing for painless anaesthesia. Thus, the injection is closer to the apex.

Treat Children Without Stress

Thanks to its inconspicuous design and pain-free delivery of anaesthesia, QuickSleeper5 is a great asset in paediatric dentistry. The system eliminates post-operative biting from children, meaning the risk of self-harm is eliminated.

Anesthetise a Tooth with Pulpitis

By perfectly controlling the amount of anaesthetic delivered into the cancellous bone, QuickSleeper5 allows for far superior anaesthesia quality in comparison with other conventional techniques. Never again will you have to deliver intrapulpal anesthesia.

Improved Endodontic Treatments

Intraosseous injections deliver the correct quantity and vasoconstrictor concentration of anaesthetic to completely cover the duration of the treatment for up to 90 minutes. This allows for the completion of all endodontic treatments with minimum effort.

Cosmetic Treatments

Ensure better visibility of the lip line when fitting veneers or during any other cosmetic treatment. Upon completion of the procedure, the patient will immediately be able to appreciate their new smile.


Use QuickSleeper5 to deliver an intraosseous anaesthesia for primary and/or mixed dentition. When operating on children, one injection into the soft cortical bone is enough to perform an immediate, effective and painless extraction.

For permanent teeth, one or two intraligamentary injections will deliver comfortable anaesthesia enabling immediate treatment.


QuickSleeper5 provides the ideal approach for short, flapless implant treatments by delivering immediate anaesthesia of the attached gingiva and cancellous bone. The unit can also be used to carry out necessary infiltrations when a flap is required.

The conditions provide a painless, swift and serene treatment while maintaining the safety of the surgery.

Efficient and Painless Deep Scaling

By administering just three injection points, it is possible to perform a deep scaling for a complete arch without causing collateral soft tissue numbness.

Expert Opinions

Praised by faculties in paediatric dentistry and endodontics, QuickSleeper5 is regularly published.

Two-Year Warranty

QuickSleeper5 is designed and assembled in France with quality components. The unit comes complete with two-year parts and labour warranty.

All delivery costs vary depending on the total weight of your order.

The final postage charge is displayed on checkout.

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Andy J
100% of 100
QS5 The best investment I ever made.
100% of 100
Quicksleeper 5 I have been using a quicksleeper for over years previously having a and the is an improvement on a superb piece of equipment It gives instant anaesthesia usually painless and almost first time virtually no failed anaesthetics even on hot teeth It has virtually eliminated block anaesthesia from my practice Read More
100% of 100
Simply would not be without it I have used Quicksleeper for many years and simply would not be without it For me it has not replaced standard infiltration but I rarely have to give an inferior dental block Patients appreciate the lack of numbness in the tongue and lip and it's particularly valuable in hypersensitive teeth Read More
Robert Craig
100% of 100
I use it on almost every patient! My patients love the QuickSleeper in fact I have several patients who would refuse to have their treatment carried out without it It offers a level of profound anaesthesia beyond what is possible with regular dental injections there is no practice builder like painless treatment I used to hate giving Read More
Santosh Patil
100% of 100
QS5 Favourite Local Anesthesia Delivery System An effective and unique way to deliver local anesthesia as needed for various dental procedures It's fast highly effective and the best part is the least number of cartridges necessary to achieve optimum anesthesia for the desired work therefore less toxicity from LA ingredients The ability to numb multiple sites Read More
100% of 100
QS5 Instant anaesthesia, stress free dentistry.
Marian Vallina
100% of 100
It was so good we bought 2! The Quicksleeper is one of the best innovations we have incorporated into our practice As an endodontist It has had a massive impact knowing that however hot the pulp we can always achieve anaesthesia In our referral practice many patients have had previous bad experiences with ineffective ID blocks possibly Read More
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