5/0 Coreflon PTFE Suture


Unique softness and smoothness minimise tissue trauma and prevents bacterial colonisation. No loosening of the knot. No tissue irritation. Firmly supports tissue during the healing process.

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5/0 16mm Coreflon PTFE Suture, Unbraided, White, Conventional Cutting Black Needle (1/2 Circle), 55cm, pk 12. Ref: C5DS165512B
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5/0 16mm Coreflon PTFE Suture, Unbraided, Black Reverse Cutting Needle (3/8 Circle), 55cm, pk 12. Ref: C5DKO165512B
£105.60 £88.00

The innovative combination of a white PTFE suture with a black needle ensures excellent visibility in the surgical field.

High quality, precision needles maintain a sharp cutting edge during surgery.

In most cases, Coreflon sutures can be removed after a week of healing.

Available in 3/0 – 6/0 with either a 1/2 circle black needle or a 3/8 circle silver needle.

Black needles are round with a reverse cutting edge for minimal tissue trauma with excellent penetration and are easily visible under soft tissue. Silver needles have a reverse cutting edge with an oval cross-section for easier grip in needle holders.

Standard surgical knotting techniques may be applied, however, for optimal durability, an alternating knotting sequence of 3-2-2 is recommended.

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