EthOss® Synthetic Bone Graft Material

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Grow Stronger with True Bone Regeneration

The best dentists don't stand still. They're always growing. Developed by a dentist, for dentists, EthOss® helps patients grow back their bone fast, with no graft particles left behind.

Born from a desire to move beyond traditional “GBR”, donor grafts and artificial scaffolds, EthOss® was created to pioneer True Bone Regeneration in dentistry and oral surgery. The initial concept was simple: “The body wants to heal, let’s work with it”. This was key to the development of EthOss® - a grafting material that works with the body, upregulating the host healing response to regenerate lost bone.

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Founded by Dr Peter Fairbairn, a world-renowned clinician, and Dr Paul Harrison, a leading bone regeneration industry expert, the company has grown significantly since being founded in 2013 and is now a global brand.

An Innovative Approach

EthOss' innovative approach is a step forward in several ways:

SIMPLER - Its built-in calcium sulphate binder helps stabilise the graft and prevent soft tissue ingress, eliminating the need for an added collagen membrane.

SAFER - EthOss is 100% synthetic. There’s no human or animal content, so no risk of cross-contamination.

EASIER - EthOss comes in a handy syringe applicator, in three sizes – 0.25cc, 0.5cc and 1cc. It’s easy to mix and quick to apply, and because it keeps its volume well, there’s no need for over-packing.

STRONGER - EthOss is fully absorbed into the body, as it’s replaced by new healthy host bone – up to 50% in as little as 12 weeks.

Clinical Applications

EthOss® is intended to fill, augment, or reconstruct bony defects of the oral and maxillofacial region including:

  • Infrabony defects
  • Alveolar ridge augmentation
  • Dental extraction sites

Trusted Materials, Innovative Combination

EthOss is a combination of 65% ß Tricalcium Phosphate and 35% Calcium Sulphate. This innovative combination is key to its success.

Why ß-Tricalcium Phosphate (ß -TCP)?

ß-TCP has been used medically for many years and is widely researched and trusted, with several benefits which make it particularly suitable for dentistry:

  • Full resorption in line with the rate of new host bone formation
  • Osteoconductive
  • High osteoinductive potential with a large research base in this area
  • Patient preference – no concerns over donor tissue or cross-infection risks
  • All ß-TCP is not the same – EthOss uses the latest generation of ß-TCP

Why Calcium Sulphate?

The oldest recorded biomaterial, Calcium Sulphate has been used in surgery for over 120 years. Whilst it does not possess the same bone regeneration capabilities as ß-TCP, Calcium Sulphate brings one major benefit to the equation: it sets in situ, creating a stable graft with an integrated cell-occlusive barrier. This helps prevent soft tissue ingress, removing the need for a separate collagen membrane and giving the periosteum (and related blood supply) direct access to the graft site from day one.

Explore a wide range of EthOss® case studies from dental surgeons around the world.

EthOss Case Studies

Mentor Scheme

Whether you're new to EthOss® or you've championed True Bone Regeneration from the beginning, the EthOss® mentor scheme is here to help you grow your network and your grasp of the product.

You will have access to a network made up of experienced implantologists and bone grafting experts in every corner of the UK. Each of them has extensive experience with EthOss® to help you advance your craft and learn new techniques practically.

Find out more on the EthOss® Mentors Page.

Grafting with EthOss®

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of EthOss®, why not attend one of our highly popular Grafting with EthOss® events?

With events taking place throughout the year at various UK locations, you will have the opportunity to observe in-depth case studies, learn new techniques and speak with EthOss® experts.


Watch the latest webinars to help you advance your practice in True Bone Regeneration

Social Media

Join the EthOss® Case Studies group and gain expert knowledge and share experiences with EthOss® users around the world.

Be the first to hear the latest news, updates and FAQs from the EthOss® team on their dedicated EthOss® Bone Regeneration Facebook page.

Alternatively, you can see all of our EthOss® instructional videos, case studies, past webinars and more on our dedicated EthOss® YouTube playlist.

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Why Not Try...
Dr. Howard Koch
100% of 100
Loading at 8 weeks I have been using alloplastic grafts exclusively for over years now I have found that ethoss represents a major breakthrough with respect to predictability and outcomes The material is very easy to mix and apply I have been using ethoss for horizontal GBR vertical grafts sinus lifts and ridge augmentation... Read More
Dr Michael Ainsworth
100% of 100
The Results are Astounding I have been an exclusive user of synthetic graft materials in my practice since In this time I have tried may different products with various compositions Over time I settled on a combination of materials that provided flexibility and great natural bone formation I however found myself modifying these materials... Read More
Dr Irene Amrore MSc(Imp Dent), PGDME, MFGDP(UK)
100% of 100
This material is easy to use and produces great results. I think synthetic graft materials have come a long way and with the restrictions on Allografts and incomplete resorption of Xenografts and poor vascularity of the bone, we have to consider Synthetic materials that work. EthOss is one of such materials.
Dr Avik Dandapat
100% of 100
Reduction in overall surgical time Ethoss is a new development in implant bio materials - with its easy handling and setting properties a absolute must for any implant dentist - the results are both quick and efficient in development of new bone in ridge deficiencies reducing overall surgical time and patient morbidity - an excellent... Read More
Brett Garner BDS, BMedSci (Biomaterials)
100% of 100
Fantastic product This afternoon I placed an implant into a graft site of a lower premolar that I had placed weeks ago using Ethoss The bone was solid and plentiful I was amazed and delighted Prior to this I have been using traditional graft and membrane techniques This is simpler and beyond... Read More
Dr Hussein Asaria
100% of 100
Ethoss 0.5 cc This is the only bone graft material I use now, it is a real game changer.
100% of 100
A superb material A superb material that regenerates bone and works with the body. No fiddly membrane to battle with. I have had great results since I started to use it four years ago.
Andy K
100% of 100
Ethoss Making complicated simple. Great material supported by great people.
100% of 100
Ethoss 1.0cc I now exclusively use ethoss for all my implant grafting procedure excellent synthetic material which is very easy to handle and predictable I am particularly impressed with the superior bone quality you get after grafting The next stage for me will be to use ethoss to fill large cystic cavities... Read More
Charles Dohvoma FFDRCS
100% of 100
Ethoss 1.0cc I now use ethoss exclusively for all my implant grafting, easy and predictable handling, my plan is to start using it following apicectomy and filling large cystic cavities to promote bony infilling
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