Blue®M Evolution in Oral Care

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Benefits of Blue®M

• Prevents and treats periodontitis and peri-implantitis.

• Normalises and controls the harmful bacteria on teeth, gums and dental implants.

• Prevents receding gums.

• Choice of toothpaste with or without fluoride.

• PH neutral and non-abrasive.


What is special about Blue®M?

Blue®M's unique formula has helped countless people with the healing process of oral health problems. As well as acting as a preventative solution for the upkeep of a healthy mouth. The secret is the active oxygen content in Blue®M. Focusing on the powerful benefits oxygen possesses within the healing process, Dr Peter Blijdorp and his team created the unique formula.





Blue®m Oral Gel

Oral Gel 15ml

Blue®M oral gel increases the oxygen present in the mouth and accelerates healing. It can be used to treat gingivitis, periodontitis and peri-implantitis. Speeds up wound healing for example after pulling teeth, after implantation or after chemotherapy. 

This product is a medical device. 
Please follow the recommended protocol.

Blue®m Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Toothpaste fluoride free 75ml

Blue®M toothpaste helps to keep teeth, implants and gums healthy by releasing active oxygen to control anaerobic (harmful) bacteria.

Suitable for daily use, Blue®M toothpaste prevents and treats gum disease such as periodontitis and peri-implantitis.

Blue®m Fluoride Toothpaste

Toothpaste with fluoride 75ml

This toothpaste contains calcium fluoride, a natural alternative for the commonly used chemical sodium fluoride.

Suitable for daily use, Blue®M toothpaste prevents and treats gum disease such as periodontitis by releasing active oxygen to control harmful bacteria.

Blue®m Mouthwash

Mouthwash (alcohol & fluoride free) 250ml/500ml

Blue®M mouthwash compliments your daily oral hygiene. The unique formula releases oxygen to control the harmful bacteria in the mouth. The mouthwash reaches places where a toothbrush can't.

Blue®m Oxygen Fluid

Oxygen Fluid 500ml

Blue®M Oxygen Fluid is specially developed for the sensitive mouth. The ingredients are slightly different to our mouthwash, but even more powerful. Our Oxygen Fluid does not contain alcohol, fluoride, artificial flavours, colourants & sulphates (SLS & SLES). It is perfect for avoiding irritation and healing wounds in the mouth after implantation, extraction, wounds caused by chemotherapy or radiation and wounds that result from poor fitting dentures.

Blue®m Oral Foam

Oral Foam 100ml

Blue®M oral foam is a rich foam, specially developed to condition gums and oral mucosa for people on the road (no brush or water needed: just pump, rinse and spit). People with orthodontic appliances, such as (clear) aligners, night guards, protective mouth guards and dentures use the foam for fast and easy cleaning of their appliances.


Blue®M Guidelines for use

Recommended guidelines for using Blue®M products by Dr Ronald Mutz.

Clinical judgment should be used at all times.


• Take radiographs to record bone levels, measure pocket depths and bleeding.

• Create an acute wound - curette / root plane around the infected implant / tooth

• Apply Blue®M Gel (0.75ml) to the pocket / area using 2.5ml syringe with fine/mini tip.

• Leave in situ.

• Instruct the patient to use Blue®M toothpaste and Blue®M mouthwash twice daily.

• Evaluate after two weeks, then every four weeks.

• Evaluate every four months in a stable situation.

Advantages of using Blue®M before surgery:

• Improves the general condition of the mouth

• Eliminates harmful bacteria

• Reduces the chance of infection during surgery

• Decreases the risk of complications after surgery

Advantages of using Blue®M after surgery:

• Accelerates the healing process• Encourages the growth of new blood vessels• Encourages the formation of new cells


The Benefits of Active Oxygen in wound healing

Wound healing requires a variety of cells to increase their metabolic activity, resulting in a high oxygen demand. Oxygen at the wound site has been shown to promote wound healing by stimulating several processes with the following results:

• Increases Cell Metabolism and Energy Production

• Increases Rate of Cell Proliferation and Re-epithelialization

• Increases Collagen Synthesis and Tensile Strength

• Increases Anti-bacterial Activities

• Increases Angiogenesis and Promotes Revascularization

• Promotes Growth Factor Signaling Transduction


Blue®M can provide the oxygen necessary to allow these processes to proceed effectively.

Increasing the local active oxygen available in the wound area, Blue®M contains low concentrations of sodium perborate, and the enzyme glucose oxidase (GOX). On application, and in the presence of moisture, the sodium perborate converts to sodium borate and H202 (hydrogen peroxide), while the normally inactive GOX causes a gradual conversion of glucose into gluconic acid and H202. These low levels of hydrogen peroxide (0.003 – 0.015 %) act as a disinfectant and is present along with the ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) during the respiratory burst of neutrophils found in normal body fluid. This has a chemotactic effect on leucocytes.


Blue®M accelerates wound healing, implant integration and bone regeneration in a safe, effective and non-invasive way.

• Oxygen is released within 30 seconds and penetrates approx. 0.5 cm into tissues.

• Effective on all micro-organisms.

• Unlike antibiotics, no immune resistance is developed.

• No side effects known.

• No toxic ingredients.

• Unlike chlorhexidine, Blue®M only kills bad bacteria (anaerobic) not the good bacteria.

• Quick and easy to apply.

• Simple concept.

• Low cost treatment.

Dr Paul Renton-Harper
100% of 100
Conceptually Appealing I chose to use BlueM as the bacteria implicated in periodontal and peri-implant disease are strictly anaerobic and a product that oxygenates the subgingival environment is therefore conceptually appealing. Patients also find its taste and presentation very acceptable.
Julia Harrison - Implant Patient
100% of 100
BlueM is deisgned for Implants I have been using Bluem toothpaste and mouthwash since February (2014). Originally I was told to use a standard toothpaste on my Nobel Biocare dental implants. However they faded in places, apparently a lot of everyday toothpastes have whitening agents that have in my case damaged the shade on some of my implants. Bluem is designed for implants and other cosmetic treatments. Although my partner who has all his own teeth feels this product does a better job than toothpaste like Colgate or Oral-B. His teeth feel cleaner and his breath stays fresh for much longer. As does mine. As for the cost, it is more expensive than a £1.00 tube of standard toothpaste that one can pick up from any supermarket. One saving on this toothpaste is you do not need a lot, a tip on the end of a toothbrush is enough. My family and I will be using Bluem for a long time to come, and look forward to new developments in their research. One thing I find amazing about the manufacturers of this toothpaste, their technical data is available to anyone who wishes to read it, as I did. I look forward to a close dental relationship between me the customer and you the supplier. Thank you for being so helpful, and I look forward to my delivery this week. Julia Harrison - Implant Patient
Debbie Eustace
100% of 100
I love it! Teeth feel super clean with BlueM without any physical effort! Obviously the Oxygen effect! I love it and tried some samples with Implant patients and they love it too. I recommend it to all my fellow professionals and patients! Will continue to buy and use it! Debbie Eustace RDH
Debbie MacKenzie
80% of 100
Implant remains healthy We have been using Blue M gel around a dental implant to help maintain the patient’s periodontal condition (peri -implantitis) as recommended by our implantologist. This has been carried out for 2 years (application every 6/12) and the patients implant remains healthy and well maintained. This treatment is in addition to patient and hygienist regularly cleaning and scaling around implant every 3 months. No clinical study was carried out. Debbie MacKenzie RDH
100% of 100
with compliments from my dentist! Few years ago I started using bluem toothpaste. Such great benefits for my gums. They were really sensitive and often bleeding. Now under control! Even my dentist was surprised by the effects. Couldn't get a bigger compliment!
Tony McGee BDS
80% of 100
A Simple Treatment I have been using BlueM now for over a year with a high degree of success in treating patients with peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. It is a simple treatment with a high degree of success and acceptance by the patients. It works by creating the right conditions for the body to heal itself. The results are very exciting.
Anne T
100% of 100
Good feedback Patients like the product. The mouthwash is very pleasant tasting. Also great that there is no staining after using the mouthwash long term
Gillian Gorrie
100% of 100
Female patient age 50 with 9 mm pocket 25 10 year old implant This patient attended with pus exuding from a 9 mm pocket around 25 implant. The implant is 10 years old and initially, we referred the patient back to implant surgeon who advised further surgery and new implant placement. The patient was unable to go ahead due to family circumstances and therefore we decided to try Blue M along with RSD of the area to try and hold on to the implant for another year or so. After 3 visits where I cleaned the area and applied blue m gel subgingivally along with patient using the home care kit we have no bleeding or exudation and the pocket depth is now about 2 mm . Although there is still bone loss around this implant this course of treatment has enabled the patient to hold on to the implant for a while yet. We are both very happy with this result. The patient has excellent oh with a BPE of nil.
100% of 100
Great Results!! We have recently started using Blue M products and find the results to be excellent. Our patients like the mouthwash and toothpaste!
60% of 100
good all round The mouthwash felt good and was gentle in the mouth, felt like it was doing something.
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