DHT Effitec Needles for Sleeper Units

Effitec Needles

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DHT Effitec Needles 30G, 9mm (Green), for Quicksleeper5/SleeperOne Systems - Ref: C3002
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DHT Effitec Needles 30G, 16mm (White), for Quicksleeper5/SleeperOne Systems - Ref: C3005
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DHT Effitec Needles 27G, 16mm (Yellow), for Quicksleeper5 System - Ref: C3009
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DHT Effitec Needles 27G, 35mm (Grey), for SleeperOne System - Ref: C3010
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DHT Effitec Needles

DHT Effitec Needles are special and patented. Their specific bevel provides a cutting edge with a capacity similar to a scalpel blade. The tissues are no longer torn but incised.

Their specific mark on the plastic hub allows them to properly orient the bevel for a minimum depth of penetration, for attached mucosa, in filtration and palatal mucosa. Anaesthesia becomes painless.

These patented needles are more rigid and, combined with their scalpel blade bevel they can penetrate deeper. Intraligamentary and intraseptal anaesthesias are faster and more efficient.

DHT Effitec Needles are made of a siliconized stainless steel tube that glides effortlessly into the tissues.

DHT Effitec Needles are compatible with all types of syringes as well as electronic systems.

DHT Effitec Needles for Quicksleeper5

DHT Effitec Needle30G - 16mm ∅0.3mm30G - 9mm ∅0.3mm27G - 16mm ∅0.4mm
Hub ColourWhiteGreenYellow
Osteocentral AdultsX X
Osteocentral Children X 
Transcortical  X
Infiltration (free mucosa)X  
Infiltration (attached mucosa)XXX
Intraseptal X 
Intraligamentary X 

DHT Effitec Needles for SleeperOne

DHT Needle30G - 16mm ∅0.3mm30G - 9mm ∅0.3mm27G - 16mm ∅0.4mm27G - 35mm ∅0.4mm
Hub ColourWhiteGreenYellowGrey
Infiltration (free mucosa)X   
Infiltration (attached mucosa)XXX 
Intraseptal adult X  
Intraseptal child X  
PDL - Intraligamentary X  
ID Block   X

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