SleeperOne Anaesthesia Pen


SleeperOne is an injection pen to allow you to efficiently and comfortably perform your local dental anaesthesia.

Thanks to its pen grip, SleeperOne offers great precision. The electronic injection perfectly controls the injection speeds, enabling completely painless attached gingiva and palatal anaesthesia. Its intuitive, high-tech design will reassure patients and reduce the anxiety associated with a manual syringe.

Anaesthetise with Complete Peace of Mind

SleeperOne is very light (71g), and is held close to the needle tip with a true "pen grip". You can work with good support points to obtain the same precision as you can with your turbine. SleeperOne gives you the possibility to perform all of your anaesthesia more effectively, even intraosseous anaesthesia with children, without changing your normal workflow.

With SleeperOne, you can have confidence that your anaesthesia is painless. Thanks to the electronic and progressive injection, the anaesthesia penetrates drop by drop into the tissues, without pain. SleeperOne simplifies the delivery of anaesthetic into dense tissues without muscular effort, reducing post-operative injection pain.

Designed by dental professionals, for dental professionals. SleeperOne's wireless pedal enables you to focus on the pen grip and support points of the ambidextrous handpiece. SleeperOne can be installed on all dental units. With its cost-effective consumables, are you ready to adopt electronic injections with SleeperOne?

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The Benefits of SleeperOne

SleeperOne efficiently replaces your manual syringes. This electronic injection pen brings more comfort to all of your local anaesthesia

Here are just a few of the many SleeperOne clinical applications that will change your approach to anaesthesia:

Stressless Treatments

For phobic, anxious or young patients, the minimally invasive system and passive injection will minimise their apprehension. SleeperOne is an electronic injection pen that painlessly diffuses the anaesthesia drop by drop. Using SleeperOne in your daily practice will enable such patients to receive regular dental care.

Caries Treatment

SleeperOne is great for treating caries, even deep caries. One intraligamentary injection is enough for the effective treatment of single-rooted teeth. No additional injections are required. For the molars, two intraligamentary injections will render effective and comfortable anaesthesia for painless treatment.

Soft Tissue Surgery

SleeperOne is also ideal in cases of soft-tissue surgery. For this, an infiltration close to the treatment zone will render almost immediate anaesthesia of the soft tissues so the surgery can be delivered swiftly and comfortably.


SleeperOne can be used to deliver intraosseous anaesthesia for primary or mixed dentition. Children's cortical bone is very soft and, therefore, the needle will enter the cancellous bone by simple, painless manual penetration. One injection is enough to perform an immediate, effective and painless extraction.

For permanent teeth, one or two intraligamentary injections will render effective and comfortable anaesthesia enabling immediate treatment.

Two-Year Warranty

SleeperOne is designed and assembled in France with quality components and many controls. SleeperOne is guaranteed for 2 years, parts and labour.

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