Elemental Antibacterial Wound Dressing


Graft The Palate, Avoid The Pain

Avoid pain and reduce surgical time with the suture-free Elemental® workflow for palatal grafting.

Elemental is a zinc-based, mouldable dressing used for stabilization, conditioning and healing of soft tissues. Applied as a palatal stent, Elemental makes palatal grafting much more accessible for both the clinician and the patient by reducing surgical time and minimizing post-operative pain.

Why Choose Elemental

  • Mouldable after heating, sets into a rigid and stable dressing
  • Patented zinc-based technology
  • Bacteriostatic material: inhibits biofilm growth
  • Extremely biocompatible with human cells
  • Accelerates healing of underlying soft tissue

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3 Steps, 2 minutes

Shape elemental onto the palate

Prior to the surgery, shape the Elemental material on the palate to create a stent.

Place elemental stent

Immediately after harvesting the graft, place the stent. There's no need to suture the donor site.

Patient wears stent for 1 week

Patient wears the stent for 7 days.

Why Use Elemental?

Post-operative burning sensation: 

Elemental vs Haemostatic Agent & Suturing

Post-operative burning sensation graph with Elemental
Surgical treatment time: 

Elemental vs Haemostatic Agent & Suturing

Surgery Time Comparrison with Elemental
Post-operative pain: 

Elemental vs Haemostatic Agent & Suturing

Post-operative pain graph Elemental

Use With or Without Membranes - Elemental Antibacterial Wound Dressing can be used with or without protective membranes.

Some clinicians prefer to use the product as a replacement for membranes, while others use Elemental as an extra protective layer that can be placed over the membrane to help prevent opening and/or exposure.

Proven Effectiveness - Polymers tested according to international norms like ISO 22196, JIS Z2801 and ISO20743. The antibacterial performance measured range from 99.9% up to 99.99999%.

Biocompatible - Antibacterial (bacteriostatic) technology based on electrostatic repulsive1 properties of the trace element zinc2, identified as an element of utmost biological importance and vital to the human immune system.

100% Safe and Non-Toxic - The technology does not contain toxic substances. There are no biocides, no chlorehexidine, no silver, no triclosan, no antibiotics, no nano-materials or any other harmful chemicals.

Authorised - Safety compliance is confirmed for the use in medical devices and implants by third-party regulatory experts. The technology also fully complies with EU and USA food contact regulations.

No Leaching - There is no substance migrating or leaching to act against bacteria. The functionality is purely due to the improved mechanical/physical property of the material surface.

[1] Physico-chemistry of initial microbial adhesive interactions – its mechanisms and methods for study. Rolf Bos, Henny C. van der Mei, Henk J. Busscher
[2] A systematic review on antibacterial activity of zinc against Streptococcus mutans. Manal Mohamed Almoudi, Alaa Sabah Hussein, Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Hassan, and Nurhayati Mohamad Zain

Protect bone graft material & optimise healing conditions

Elemental minimises complications and optimises healing conditions in mucogingival & implant surgery.

Elemental protects bone graft material & optimises healing conditions
  • Apply the Elemental polymer adapted to the anatomy of the site. The polymer sets into a rigid, stable material. If the fit is not right, reheat and remould the material.
  • Optionally, stabilise the Elemental seal with a crisscross suture. This is not necessary in single tooth sites where you can achieve mechanical retention on the adjacent teeth.
  • The Elemental seal will keep your bone graft material in place and encourage formation of granulation tissue. Using a membrane is not required. Remove the seal after 3-8 days, depending on the dimensions of the site.

Optimise blood clot stability and healing conditions; minimise post-op pain

Elemental Optimises blood clot stability & healing conditions, and minimise post-op pain
  • Heat up and mix the granulate. Apply the material onto the palatum and secure retention interproximally. Take the stent out when it has become rigid.
  • Deliver the stent immediately after harvesting the donor tissue for optimal blood clot stabilization.
    Suturing the donor site is case-dependent but not required. Remove the stent after approx. 7 days.

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Prof. Dr. Andy Temmerman

Gingival graft

The free gingival graft is harvested. No sutures are placed whatsoever.

Create stent with Elemental

The stent is created chairside before the surgery & placed immediately after harvesting the graft.

Graft placed in site

Without delays, the graft is placed on the recipient site.

1 week follow-up

Follow-up at one week shows excellent healing and re-epithelialization. Patient experienced no pain.

Dr. Inaki Gamborena

Dr. Inaki Gamborena
The stent was placed on a complicated healing site with underlying conditions.

The stent was placed on a complicated healing site with underlying conditions.

After 20 days, the stent was removed.

After 20 days, the stent was removed.

Despite underlying complications, the site revealed great healing.

Despite underlying complications, the site revealed great healing.

Despite underlying complications, the site revealed great healing.

Despite underlying complications, the site revealed great healing.

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