Ethicon PDS II 2/0 Sutures: J Round Bodied, 70 cm, 36 mm, Violet

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Ethicon PDS II 2/0 Sutures are high-performance, absorbable monofilament sutures designed to meet the rigorous demands of various surgical procedures. These sutures offer exceptional tensile strength and reliable performance, ensuring optimal wound support during the critical healing period.

Each pack contains 70 cm long sutures with a ASH-35  36 mm round bodied J needle, for superior penetration and reduced tissue trauma. Available in boxes of 24, these sutures ensure reliable performance and consistent quality for surgical procedures.

2/0 Ethicon PDS II Sutures are used in Dr Mike Ainsworth's Tenting Technique.

Key Features

  • Material: Polydioxanone (PDS)
  • Gauge: 2/0 
  • Length: 70 cm
  • Needle: 36 mm
  • Suture colour: Violet
  • Pack size: 24
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  • Superior Strength and Durability: Ethicon PDS II sutures are crafted from polydioxanone, providing excellent tensile strength for secure wound closure. The monofilament design minimises tissue drag and ensures smooth passage through tissue, reducing trauma.

  • Prolonged Wound Support: These sutures maintain their strength for up to 6 weeks post-implantation, offering prolonged support to aid in effective healing. The gradual absorption profile ensures that the suture maintains its integrity during the critical wound healing phase.

  • Predictable Absorption: PDS II sutures are designed to be absorbed predictably and completely by hydrolysis within approximately 182-238 days, eliminating the need for suture removal and reducing patient discomfort.

  • Reduced Risk of Infection: The monofilament structure resists bacterial colonisation, thereby minimising the risk of infection compared to braided sutures. This feature is crucial for ensuring patient safety and promoting faster recovery.

  • Versatility in Surgical Applications: Suitable for a wide range of soft tissue approximation and ligation procedures. The 2/0 size is particularly useful for delicate tissues where precision and minimal tissue reaction are paramount.

Why Choose Ethicon PDS II Sutures

Ethicon, a global leader in surgical sutures, ensures that every product meets rigorous standards for quality and performance. The PDS II 2/0 Sutures provide surgeons with confidence and reliability in every stitch, backed by decades of research and innovation.

Choose Ethicon PDS II 2/0 Sutures for your next procedure and experience the difference in quality, performance, and patient outcomes.

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  • Brand: PDS II
  • Suture Size: 2-0
  • Length: 70 cm
  • Colour: Violet
  • Material/Composition: Polydioxanone
  • Quantity/Box: 24
  • Absorbability: Absorbable
  • Directionality: Unidirectional
  • Suture Colour: Violet
  • Needle Length: 36 mm
  • Needle Point Type: Taperpoint
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