Neo-Biotech iBRUSH for Implant Surface Cleaning, pk10

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Effectively clean infected implant surfaces without damage.

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Perfectly clean the infected implant surface without surface damage.

iBrush features:

  • Easy to use (no incision, fast treatment)
  • Perfect cleansing of the infected implant surface
  • Rough surface is preserved even after the use of iBrush
  • Prevent bone loss
  • Facilitate new bone regeneration
  • Decrease failure rate

Comparison with other methods:

i brush comparison

Conventional Method:

Cleaning the implant surface with a round bur damages the thread or crushes the fixture, which is not good for the re-osseointegration of the implant.

i brush comparison 1


iBrush cleans impurities on the implant surface without damaging the rough implant surface, aiding re-osseointegration.

Please note it is recommended you use the iBrush at 1000RPM. The iBrush is a single use, disposable product.

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