PDT Titanium Wingrove Universal Implant Scaler Maintenance Kit


Designed by Susan Wingrove, RDH, Fellow of the AIDA, the PDT Titanium Wingrove Universal Implant Scaler Maintenance Kit is the only implant scaler to adapt to implants and not teeth.

These specialised instruments adapt throughout the entire dentition for all your implant needs. Tighter radiuses and short rounded tips give the practitioner an adaptive edge over "regular" instrument designs currently available.

PDT’s Uniquely Processed Titanium

Proven not to scratch or leave deposits on dental implants, PDT’s Rockwell C hardness 31 titanium is uniquely processed and tested.

Crafted from solid USA medical-grade materials, Wingrove Universal Implant Scalers are designed specifically for implantology maintenance and can be quickly and easily resharpened.

Thinner, more durable blades can dislodge calculus and cement that can lead to peri-implant disease, while the risk of infection from trace elements left behind that can alter the biocompatibility is eliminated.

What’s in the Wingrove Universal Implant Scaler Maintenance Kit?

The PDT Titanium Wingrove Universal Implant Scaler Maintenance Kit contains:

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PDT Titanium Wingrove Universal Implant Scaler Maintenance Kit

PDT Titanium Wingrove Universal Implant Scaler Maintenance Kit is a specialised instrument set that adapts throughout the entire dentition for all your implant needs.

PDTs uniquely processed solid titanium does not scratch implants or leave behind debris on implants. It can also be sharpened.

Microscopic view of an implant before and after using a PDT Ti Wingrove scaler

The R661 Titanium Barnhart 5-6 is designed for wide-based single posterior implants. Apply the instrument in short, horizontal strokes to dislodge calculus on implants, crown or bridge.

The R680 Titanium Langer 3-4 is designed for narrow-based implants that also have a narrow platform. It is ideal for lower incisors, congenitally missing laterals, and posterior areas with limited horizontal bone.

Adapt the R680 by applying short, horizontal strokes to dislodge calculus present on the implant crown, bridge or full-fixed framework.

The R693 Titanium NEB128-L5 Mini is designed for single implants, ball-locator implants or bar-retained implants. This blunted Ti NEB128 and Langer 5 Mini is designed to debride the screw indentations of locator implants and for exposed threads using the shorter radius blade tip.

Use the R693 for posterior and anterior implants with exposed threads. Apply a careful short horizontal stroke in a side-to-side motion one thread at a time. The specially designed implant instrument is designed to remove residual cement or to dislodge calculus under the Hader bar with short horizontal strokes.

The T216 Easyview Probe is a vibrant, lightweight periodontal probe made from flexible resin. Achieve greater levels of accuracy and comfort as the probe conforms to the surface of each implant.

The T005 A-F 5 Instrument Cassette is made from high-quality materials and holds up to five dental instruments. Featuring a smooth-opening flip-top lid and secure latch, the T005 A-F keeps your dental instruments safe when not in use.

The T061 Diamond Head Sharpening Stone is an optional extra that allows you to maintain the sharpness of your instruments, ensuring they keep their edge for longer.

PDT recommend that you have a dedicated stone for sharpening titanium instruments. Avoid using a stone contaminated with stainless steel dust as this can damage the softer titanium tips of your Implant instruments.

Following rigorous CR Clinical Testing by Gordon Christensen’s team of evaluators, PDT’s Wingrove Titanium Scalers have been given a well-deserved seal of approval.

Overall, 96% of the 25 CR Evaluators stated they would incorporate the Wingrove kit into their practice.

Likewise, 96% or participants rated them as excellent or good and worthy of trial by colleagues.

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