NeoBiotech Implant Removal Kit


The NeoBiotech Implant Removal Kit enables you to remove failing or misplaced implants quickly, easily and without the need for surgery, trephine or trauma.

Fix Failing Implants

By enabling the immediate placement of a new implant of the same diameter back into the socket, the Implant Removal Kit ensures there’s no need for surgical procedure and eliminates patient trauma and bone loss.

Key Features

  • Easy removal of Osseointegrated implant
  • No damage to the surrounding bone
  • No patient trauma
  • No need to use a trephine
  • Application to most known implants

Trial Kits Available

If you have an upcoming case and would like to try the NeoBiotech Implant Removal Kit for yourself, contact us to arrange your seven-day trial*.

Trials cost £85 (+VAT) plus any opened/used single-use, sterile fixture screws (£16.95 each +VAT). Each trial kit includes two screws of each size – 12 in total. 

We will aim to have the kit with you at least 2-3 days before the patient is due, allowing you to examine the kit and familiarise yourself with its operation. 

To arrange your trial of the Implant Removal Kit, contact our friendly customer service team today.

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NeoBiotech Implant Removal Kit

The NeoBiotech Implant Removal Kit is designed to remove dental implants stopped during implantation due to excessive torque or whose surrounding bones have been damaged.

Following the removal of the implant, a new implant with the same diameter can be immediately implanted.

What’s in the Kit?

The NeoBiotech Implant Removal Kit contains the following components:

Fixture Remover

Wide (Ø5)15mm
Wide (Ø6~8)15mm
Neo-Biotech Implant Removal Kit Fixture Remover

Hex Drive

Neo-Biotech Implant Removal Kit Hex Drive

Fixture Remover Screw

Screw Size
Neo-Biotech Implant Removal Kit Fixture Remover Screw

Torque Wrench

Torque Control Device
Dr Koray Feran

“I have used the NeoBiotech implant removal kit on several fully integrated implants that required removal due to peri-implant disease or misplacement. I have found it to be a controlled, predictable and non-traumatic way to reverse torque implants out of bone, leaving a clean threaded implant site without any peripheral bone damage.

"The kit can be used without flap elevation and even allows for immediate replacement with a new implant akin to immediate placement in an extraction socket. It has changed my approach to dealing with compromised implants in a fundamental way.”

Koray Feran, BDS MSc FDSRCS, Implant and Restorative Dental Surgeon

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