NeoBiotech Sinus Crestal Approach (SCA) Kit


The NeoBiotech Sinus Crestal Approach (SCA) Kit allows for the drilling of the sinus cortical wall whilst eliminating the need for osteotomes during sinus lift procedures.

For convex, irregular and/or septal sinus walls. Allows you to maintain the integrity of the sinus lining.

SCA Kits' 3S's

Safety - The special design of the reamers means they will not tear the lining even if they come into contact

Speedy - High speed drilling with copious irrigation perforates the sinus cortical wall safely and rapidly

Simple - No learning curve, just fast and effective.

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NeoBiotech Sinus Crestal Approach (SCA) Kit

The NeoBiotech SCA Kit is a drilling tool set for use on the inferior cortical bone.

Designed to operate without tearing the membrane, the SCA Kit allows for perforation on the inferior cortical bone without using the malleting osteotome technique.

This allows the user to achieve CMI fixation (Initial fixation in crestal cortical bone, Middle cancellous bone and inferior cortical bone).

Initial Drill

SCA Kit Initial Drill
Drill for creating a guide hole upon designating the precise point before using S-reamer.


SCA Kit S-Reamer
As the main instrument of the SCA Kit, the S-reamer creates the desired hole size on the sinus inferior cortical wall without damaging the Schneiderman membrane.


SCA Kit Stopper
The stopper is composed of 10pieces, 2mm~11mm. Each 1mm step make the S-reamer stop to insert maximum 1mm in sinus. To prevent membrane rupture by physical pressure.

Depth Gauge

SCA Kit Depth gauge
Depth gauge is an instrument for measuring the depth of the remaining bone upon perforating with S-reamer.

Bone Carrier

SCA Kit Bone Carrier
Bone carrier is used to carry the bone grafting materials into osteotome site.

Bone Condenser

SCA Kit Bone condenser
Bone condenser is used to keep the graft materials in place on the floor of the sinus through the osteotome site.

Bone Inserter

SCA Kit Bone Inserter
Spiral Bone Inserter is an instrument which is for bone graft to push the bone into sinus after inserting the bone into a hole with bone carrier Bone inserter can be safely used without any damage at membrane after combination with 1mm long Stopper.

Bone Spreader

SCA Kit Bone Spreader
The bone inserted in the sinus floor can be spread out to a lateral direction(left and right side) by this tool thereafter the sinus membrane at the inferior aspect of the osteotomy its naturally detached from the floor of the maxillary sinus and elevated upward to create more space in the floor of the sinus for the bone-graft material.

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