NeoBiotech SLA Sinus Lateral Approach Kit


The NeoBiotech SLA (Sinus Lateral Approach) Kit offers the ultimate solution for a minimally invasive lateral approach that’s safe and effective for you and your patients.

  • Less Pain and Reduced Swelling
  • Safe, Simple and Effective
  • Minimally Invasive

Lateral Window Technique

Widely considered to be much more comfortable than any other method, the lateral window technique is the formation of a point of access to the maxillary sinus through its lateral wall.

Using the NeoBiotech SLA Kit, the process becomes much simpler. This specially designed surgical kit provides a definitive solution for cases with thin residual bone height which is difficult to approach with a crestal technique, membrane rupture by a sinus crestal approach or placing multiple implants.

In addition, SLA reamers can be easily adapted for the formation of minimum flap size on the inferior wall.

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NeoBiotech SLA Sinus Lateral Approach Kit

The NeoBiotech SLA Kit provides a simple, safe and effective solution for performing a minimally invasive lateral approach.

How the NeoBiotech SLA Kit Works

Containing LS and C Reamers and Sinus Elevators, the SLA Kit simplifies the sinus lateral approach.

LS Reamer

Using the LS-Reamer, a drill-like instrument, create a lateral hole in the lateral wall safely. This produces a thin bone disk between the reamer and sinus membrane.

C Reamer

The hollow spaced and tapered C-Reamer is capable of saving the circular bone core disk from the lateral wall and limit any abrupt movement of the reamer in a forward direction. Designed to provide a safe, speedy recovery, the C Reamer allows for fast surgery and quick bone formation in the lateral hole.

The SLA KIT permits surgical operations to take place through a small flap. This removes the healing difficulties associated with having to extensively open the flap.

A Safer Approach

The SLA KIT makes a safe approach possible without having to form a large window. This significantly minimises the risk of membrane damage whilst forming a window by eliminating the need for a straight handpiece or round bur.

This allows the SLA procedure to be carried out safely without the need to worry about catching an artery. Swelling and pain are also drastically reduced due to the minimal operation time and scope.

Solve Your SLA Technique Problems

Issues can occur when performing the sinus lateral approach. The SLA Kit resolves these problems:

  • Reduce the fear of forming a large window by performing surgical operations through a smaller opening.
  • The SLA Kit’s unique design eliminates the need for a straight handpiece and round burs, therefore minimising membrane damage.
  • Reduce the fear of tearing membrane when forming windows by using specially designed reamer blades.
  • Significantly reduce concerns regarding swelling and pain from extensive surgery by minimising operation times.
  • Feel confident in performing membrane elevation thanks to the three types of elevators that allow for the safe and effective lifting of membrane.

The NeoBiotech SLA Kit contains the following components:


Length (mm)
Diameter (ø) 

C-Reamers & C-Guide Reamers


Length (mm)
Diameter (ø)

C-Guide Reamers

Length (mm)
Diameter (ø) 
Neo-Biotech C-reamers and C-Guide reamers

Sinus Elevators

  • Elevator 1 (SLE05)
  • Elevator 2 (SLE02)
  • Elevator 3 (SLE03)
Neo-Biotech Sinus Elevators

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