Bluem Implant Care - What do you think?

“We have been using the Bluem mouthwash for several months now, following the recommendation from Ian Seddon our Implantologist. He provides our implant patients with a small sample bottle of the Bluem mouthwash and also toothpaste to use immediately after implant surgery.

Prior to this Corsodyl mouthwash was advised post-surgery which meant patients would often have considerable Corsodyl stain and often increased deposits of supragingival calculus at their next hygiene visit!! Obviously this is no longer the case with patients using Bluem mouthwash. Many patients were returning requesting more of the Bluem mouthwash as the sample bottle had run out and so we felt it would be beneficial to stock the product here.

Dr Seddon has also suggested that Bluem mouthwash may be beneficial for our patients with periodontal disease, to aid healing, following periodontal treatment. Patients are very positive with their feedback, they like the taste and that it is suitable for daily use. They are not put off by the cost being higher than the other mouthwashes available. We may consider selling the toothpaste also in the future."

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