PDT First Line Kit Universal

PDT First Line Kit Universal

It is our pleasure to introduce the PDT First Line™ Kit - Universal. 

Designed to be used with your current instruments any time there is a contraindication for power scalers and aerosols.

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PDT First Line Kit Universal

Most of you use a power scaler for heavy debridement and have fine hand scalers, curettes, explorer, probe and mirror. Your fine scalers and curettes aren’t necessarily designed for the heavy debridement necessary in some cases.

Have your instruments been reduced in size from resharpening? When power scaling isn’t an option, we have suggested instruments to be used in conjunction with your current kits. These can be the first line for heavy debridement.

The PDT First Line Kit Universal is a six-instrument kit that includes a T007B-F FlipTop™ Cassette.

R144 - Queen of Hearts

Highly adaptive throughout the anatomy, the PDT Queen of Hearts™ is a periodontal curette with a long, fine cutting edge for finishing and a completely smooth surface when root planing.

R138R - Montana Jack Rigid

Great for interproximal carving and cement removal with a larger shank for increased strength. The perfect contra-angle for the most universal adaptation of all instrument designs.

R060R - Barnhart 1-2 Rigid Universal Curette

Ergonomically designed to incorporate a solid resin handle and thinner, sharper blades, the Barnhart Universal Curette has two cutting edges, a round toe and a rigid shank.

R111 - H5-33 Anterior Sickle/Jacquette

The H5-33 is a straight sickle and Jacquette for interproximal use in all anterior and cervical areas.

R120 - Montana 4-5

The Montana 4-5 is a posterior scaler that adapts with the same angulation as the 204S but is more rigid and has an extended reach for the removal of tenacious calculus.

R089 - Mini-Me Langer 5

The Mini-Me Langer 5 has a full anterior universal curette on one end and a mini anterior universal curette on the other end.

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