PDT First Line Kit Universal

PDT First Line Kit Universal

Six instruments in a T007B-F FlipTop™ Cassette

R111 – H5-33

R138R – Montana Jack® Rigid

R120 – Montana 4-5™

R060R – Barnhart 1-2 Rigid

R089 – Mini Me™

R144 – Queen of Hearts™

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First Line Kits From PDT

It is our pleasure to introduce our First Line™ Kits designed to be used with your current instruments any time there is a contraindication for power scalers and aerosols. Most of you use a power scaler for heavy debridement and have fine hand scalers, curettes, explorer, probe and mirror. Your fine scalers and curettes aren’t necessarily designed for the heavy debridement necessary in some cases. Have your instruments been reduced in size from resharpening? When power scaling isn’t an option, we have suggested instruments to be used in conjunction with your current kits. These can be the first line for heavy debridement.

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