Strauss Safe Sinus Lift Kit #2


Kit containing 6 specialised burs. All burs are 3 mm in diameter, equipped with built-in calibrated stoppers allowing penetrating depths ranging from 5-8 mm (with 1 mm increments). The unique design enables the practitioner to drill safely through the antral floor, in order to expose the sinus (schneiderian) membrane.

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Kit Features & Benefits:

  • High durability burs – can be used for more than 100 cases.
  • Safe sinus uplift procedure.
  • Great visibility of the sinus membrane.
  • No damage to the membrane.
  • Fast and easy process.
  • Accurate and repeatable results.

Main Characteristics:

  • Can be connected to a physio-dispenser for maximum sterility.
  • Can be used in implantation, periodontic surgery and endo removal.
  • Special a-traumatic diamond burs with calibrated stopper.
  • The special burs allow for a fast and accurate penetration of the hard tissue without harming the membrane.
  • Unique suction which clears all fluids but doesn’t remove bone substitutes.
  • Custom made membrane separator allowing easy detachments of the membrane.
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